Sembaruthi: This Photo Of Akhilandeshwari Aka Priya Raman Proves That She Is Aging In Reverse

Take a look at this beautiful picture of Priya Raman AKA Akhila right here!

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December 17, 2020



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One of the most important characters in the story of Sembaruthi is Adhitya’s mother and Parvathi’s mother-in-law, Akhilandeswari. We’ve all known and loved Priya Raman as Adhikadavur Akhilandeswari in Sembaruthi, but there’s a side to her that is exactly opposite to the one on screen as Akhila. Priya is often regarded as a happy-go-lucky woman and someone who’s always smiling. While Akhila rarely smiles, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Priya who plays her. She recently took to Instagram and posted a picture and we are all hearts about it.

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Akhilandeswari is extremely proud of what she has achieved in her life and doesn’t let anything come in the way of her pride but she never hesitates from doing the right thing. This layer of always doing the right thing for the people around her, yet being consumed in pride for what she has achieved is what makes it so interesting. This is what eventually gets the police to her doorstep and almost gets her arrested.

With so much going on in Akhila’s life and given her personality, we rarely see her smile. This picture of Priya Raman not only makes us want to see Akhila smile more on-screen too but is also proves to us that she is ageing in reverse. This photo convinces us that a smile is all that you need to look younger. We cannot get over how captivating her smile is in this photo that she posted on her Instagram on December,14, 2020

Take a look at this photo from Priya Raman’s Instagram right here!


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