Sathya Enna Penkutty: Sudhi’s guilt and poor decisions are sure to haunt him now

Sudhi’s nonchalant behaviour towards things has landed him in deep trouble. Now that Sathya is gone, it is only a matter of time until he realises his mistakes.

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April 30, 2021


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Fans of Sathya Enna Penkutty know that Sathya didn’t deserve the ending she got. While many are saddened by the situation, it is questionable to not include Sudhi’s hand in the escalations. The big downfall between Sudhi and Sathya began right from the moment Divya made a re-entry into Sudhi’s life. His demanding a divorce, and pushing away Sathya were all part of a dirty plan set by Abhijith. However, without realising it, he fell prey and lost everything he cared for one by one. He made a series of questionable decisions and it is sure to haunt him once things settle.

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Sathya was clearly the strong independent partner of the two, which Sudhi could never comprehend. Sathya was pure at heart and had a clear idea about things happening around her. Unlike Sudhi, she understood people’s motives and hidden agendas. She acted accordingly and some of these actions came off as questionable for Sudhi as he never saw the big picture.

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Sudhi’s big fall began when he first learned about Divya being alive. Instead of questioning or investigating how she survived or who she was with, he simply submitted to his emotions and jumped the gun. It would have taken some sensible thinking to realise that it was a big fraud plan after all, which he never understood. It is understandable from his side as Sudhi never caught Satheeshan who was cheating him by his side.

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His ego is one of his biggest weaknesses and it proved towards the end. Cleetus, who has known Sudhi for years, tried to talk some sense into him which he declined without consideration. Instead of keeping his ego aside and lending an ear, he simply batted off his talks as “unnecessary thoughts”. By then, Sudhi was fully lost and it meant that he no longer cared about anything. Even when Chandradas left Manimangalam, Sudhi didn’t stop him. This completed his big fall as Abhijith wanted.

Sathya Enna Penkutty
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Most importantly, Sudhi never understood Sathya. Although the two lived together as a couple, Sudhi never accepted her as his partner. He ill-treated her and always kept poking on her feeling of guilt. Even after he left her, Sathya loved and respected Sudhi. She even came to his and Divya’s wedding, showing how much the two mattered to her. Now that she is gone, he might finally think about all that she did for him and understand that he was always the weaker one in the relationship.

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