Chembarathi: Here’s why we all wish we had a brother like Aravind

Chembarathi’s Aravind has often been written off by his family as immature. Here’s why he is indeed the loyal and respect-worthy sibling to Anand.

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April 20, 2021


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In Chembarathi, things have been quite unclear at Trichambarath for the longest time now. From failed abduction attempts to messy marriages, the family has seen it all. During these times, the members have been stressed out a bit and it showed in their actions. However, Aravind matured a lot during the time period and surprisingly turned out to be one of the most sensible members of the family during the adversities. From helping his brother get married to standing up for what’s right, he chose the right fights and stuck to them.

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Aravind has always been the immature sibling at Trichambarath. We have come across multiple instances where he was the root of problems. Being responsible for the company losing millions, and submitting to the fake child drama setup against him were a few examples. Even though he came clear of these situations, these events pulled some unwanted attention to him as the problematic one and reassured him that the family looked down upon him. However, with time he grew and now stands as one of the strongest and most sensible members of the family.

Nandana and Aravind
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Aravind was never the one to follow Anand’s footsteps. As successful and sharp as Anand is, Aravind never felt a sense of rivalry too. He simply loved his brother and appreciated everything Anand did. However, when the time came, he simply stepped up. Most recently we saw things go sore within the family as Anand revealed his secret marriage to Akhila. During the time, instead of staying quiet and uninvolved like he usually does, we saw Aravind step up and take his brother’s side. He stood up to Akhila and told her how she was making a series of bad decisions.

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Aravind has always been a supporter of Anand and Kalyani’s marriage. We can’t forget the time he kept it a secret from his own wife for the longest time before it was uncovered. Having finally revealed the big news, he made sure that everything stays positive and he continually found ways to help Anand. Aravind even tried to pitch the marriage idea to Akhila in several instances only to be shot down.

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Aravind’s sibling love is unconditional, and he proved it the moment he started calling Kalyani ‘Ettathi’ out of respect, instead of treating her like a maid like the rest of the family. Now that the news is out, it is clear that nobody is happier for the couple than Aravind. From inviting them into serving them dinner for the night, Aravind is making the newlyweds at home and there is nothing sweeter. Aravind’s respect for his brother and unconditional love is indeed everything we all wish for in a sibling.

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