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Wanted is a 2009 Hindi action film starring Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia and Prakash raj. The movie was one of the highest grossing films of the year and was lauded for its action. Wanted revolves around Radhe, a ruthless gangster who kills people for money. Radhe falls in love with Jhanvi but doesn’t commit due to his dangerous profession. When international don Ghani Bhai lands in India, an undercover cop is assigned the task to arrest him. Will the don ever be nabbed?

Wanted Trailers

The Best of Salman Khan | Promo

The Best of Salman Khan | Promo

The Biggest Stars Are Here | Promo

The Biggest Stars Are Here | Promo

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Details about Wanted Movie :

Movie Released Date
14 Sep 2009
  • Action
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Salman Khan
  • Vinod Khanna
  • Raju Mavani
  • Manoj Pahwa
  • Prateeksha Lonkar
  • Prabhu Deva

Keypoints about Wanted :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 27m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Wanted- A Thug of Mumbai

Wanted movie is an action-thriller movie. The movie became a mega blockbuster and a renowned film among the audience at the time of its release in 2009. Wanted’s director, Prabhu Deva has always been an all-rounder in creating such movies.

The story focuses on a local thug, whose killer aptitude led him into the eyes of a dangerous wanted don.

Wanted is still one of the most remembered films of all time with Salman Khan being the lead actor in the movie. A dialogue delivered by Salman Khan became one of his prominent catchphrases.

The Base of the Movie Wanted- Cast and Crew 

Wanted movie is a Hindi language action movie and a remake of a Telugu film, Pokiri by Puri Jagannadh. Written by Shiraz Ahmed and produced by Boney Kapoor, it stars great and renowned actors too. 

Wanted Cast includes Salman Khan as Radhe, Ayesha Takia as Jhanvi Verma, Prakash Raj as Shamshuddin Asgar Gani, Sarfaraz Khan as Aslam Khan, Inder Kumar as Ajay Shekhawat, Vinod Khanna as Shrikant Shekhawat, Mahesh Manjrekar as SI Daulat R Talpade, and other know actors.

Wanted Movie Plot

The city of Mumbai is filled with mafia gangs and there is a rivalry between two gangs, Gani Bhai and its gang and Datta Pawle, and its gang. There is a new commissioner Ashraf Khan who starts to crack down on all the crimes in the city.

Radhe is a hoodlum, and his story starts with his abduction, whom Radhe eventually beats up as he had a contract with Datta Pawle. Radhe gets a contract from Gani Bhai too and he agrees and says he works only for money. 

He then falls in love with a girl named Jhanvi, who is an aerobics teacher. Now enters Daulat Talpade, a corrupt officer, who wants Jhanvi. Radhe with his quick fighting skills protects Jhanvi many times which eventually makes Jhanvi fall in love with him.

Gani Bhai lands in India and meets Radhe. They both meet each other to discuss a contract of murdering a minister and bombing a school. Radhe disagrees as it would lead to the death of many innocents. While arguing, the police come and raid the club and arrest Gani Bhai too. 

Gani Bhai’s gang members abduct Ashraf’s daughter, drugged her, and creates a vulgar video of her. They used this video to blackmail the commissioner into releasing Gani Bhai. However, in a drugged state, the daughter of the commissioner reveals that there is an undercover officer, working for the police, in Gani Bhai’s gang. 

Rajveer Shekhawat was the name of the undercover cop, the son of the ex-police inspector Shrikant Shekhawat. They assume Ajay, the adopted son, and friend of Radhe, to be the undercover cop and kill him. After knowing it’s not the case, they kill Shrikant too, which will lead them to Rajveer.

The story continues to be a great suspense from here and has a great twist after this. Rajveer turns up to Gani Bhai and everyone is shocked about the fact that Radhe is Rajveer, the undercover cop. Radhe fights against the gang members and kills Gani in the end. He shoots Daulat Talpade and says some iconic dialogue at the end.

The Artistry of the Wanted Cast

Salman Khan did a great job as Radhe, he never disappoints and made an impactful performance in this movie. The director, Prabhu Deva, is just commendable. He has a cameo in this movie, as a director, directed this movie, and also he was the director of Pokiri. Ayesha Takia with her innocence and expressions has won many hearts. The performance of the actors was the most prominent reason for the success of the movie.

Wanted Movie Release Date on OTT

Wanted movie release date is 18 September 2009 in theaters. You can watch it on Zee5, an OTT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wanted Movie

Q1. Which movie is Wanted based on?

Ans: Wanted is based on a Telugu movie, Pokiri, directed by Prabhu Deva.

Q2. Where can I watch a Wanted movie?

Ans: Wanted can be streamed on ZEE5, an OTT platform.

Q3. Who is Rajeev Shekhawat in the Wanted movie?

Ans: Rajeev Shekhawat is Radhe, who posed as a thug. He is an undercover cop working as a mole in a mafia gang.

Q3. Is Wanted a remake?

Ans: Yes, it is a remake of a Telugu film.

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