Krishnakoli: Is romantic jealousy on the cards for sisters Munni and Krishna?

Will Aniruddho’s entrance in the Choudhury sisters’ lives worsen Munni’s jealousy towards Krishna?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 14, 2021



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Krishnakoli stars Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil and Tiyasha Roy as Shyama in lead roles. While Shyama and Nikhil have not truly united yet, they have been living under the same roof and so have the two Choudhury sisters. Krishna and Munni have been in the Choudhury household but have a rather rocky relationship. And now, it seems like a boy is going to cause more drama between the sisters.

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Aniruddho’s introduction

Recently, when Krishna and Shyama were out and about, a bunch of misbehaved boys began harassing them on the road. When the situation worsened, a boy came to the rescue of the sisters and he helped Krishna fight them off from the scene. At this, Munni was very impressed with the boy, who eventually introduced himself as Aniruddho. He even suggested that they should have called the police instead of getting involved in a fight with such rascals. While Krishna stayed at a decent distance from Aniruddho, Munni struck up a nice conversation with him and even invited him over for the Choudhury family’s new year party.

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Munni’s liking for Aniruddho

While Munni could not stop herself from giving him his number and insisting that he should definitely try stopping by at the party, Aniruddho seemed to be very interested in Krishna. He asked Munni who Krishna was, and the latter introduced herself, which was slightly unpleasant for her. He even credited Krishna for her bravery. So it appears that although Munni seems to have already developed a soft corner for Aniruddho, he has taken more interest in her sister, Krishna.

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Jealousy around the corner?

Later, when Aniruddho called Munni to check up on the sisters and if they reached home safely, Munni was beyond delighted. Her blushy smile and soft-spoken approach were adorable to witness. However, when Aniruddho asked about Krishna, she rolled her eyes in annoyance. So while Aniruddho was impressed by Krishna and is already being caring about Krishna, Munni has taken a strong liking towards this handsome boy. We wonder if there will form a love triangle between the three soon and how the equation between the two sisters will change due to it. Sisterly jealousy is no surprise and we think Munni’s relationship with Krishna is heading in that direction.

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