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Rani Rashmoni actor Gourab Chatterjee’s message on global alarming is important; are you listening?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 14, 2021

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Gourab Chatterjee attempts at spreading awareness on global warming again – we should be listening.

Rani Rashmoni fame Gourab Chatterjee has been a climate change advocate for a while now. The actor has shared various clips and pictures that discuss the emergency and adversities of the global issue of climate change, on his social media. Recently, Gourab took to his Instagram handle again to share a very important message on the matter with his followers.

Here is what last happened on Rani Rashmoni:

Gourab’s message to his followers

Gourab shared a crucial and informational video by the World Economic Forum, about the severity of the climate change problem in the world. The video discusses in detail, how much warmer our planet is going to get and how it could be prevented from happening for a long time. It said that the world is inevitably going to turn warmer by 2.3 degrees. However, if human beings take the right and needful measures, this massive change could be delayed for many coming centuries. The actor posted this video with the simplest caption, “The heat is on”.

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A post shared by Gourab Chatterjee (@baruog)

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The picture said it all

Gourab has shared several other posts regarding the same concern in the past as well. Sharing a very significant message about the displacement of animals from their natural habitats, he once posted a photo of a tamed polar bear staring at an enlarged image of icebergs in what we think could be a zoo. In the caption, he simply wrote that the picture speaks a thousand words and no actual caption was even required for it.

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At a time when our planet is facing several medical crises, people have lost track of the harmful implications that the growing levels of global warming will bring us. Gourab’s awareness of such matters and his understanding of the need to spread it amongst people through the massive platform he has is commendable. From mass extinction of nature to endangered species, he has shared spoken about numerous issues.

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Gourab clearly understands the depth of issues such as global warming, climate change, mass extinction, biodiversity crisis and more. He feels very strongly about them and tries keeping a conversation going with his followers about it as well.

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A post shared by Gourab Chatterjee (@baruog)

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