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Jibon Saathi: Here’s why Rik is right about wanting to put Koushani behind the bars

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 23, 2021

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Here is why we agree with Rik and think that Koushani should be sent to jail for her actions, although Oishani believes that she will change for good.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jibon Saathi stars Diya Basu as Priyam, Sayan Karmakar as Sankalpa and Shrabani Bhunia as Jhelum in the lead roles. Koushani and Oishani are twin sisters but Koushani has always harboured hatred for Oishani as Rik loved her and not Koushani. Oishani, on the other hand, has always been kind to Koushani and has given her shelter in her house. Rik has suggested many times that Koushani should be sent to jail for her deeds but Oishani has always protected her sister. We agree with Rik and here is why we think so.

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Koushani had attempted to hurt Oishani on many occasions. She has tried to kill or injure her many times and has tried to take her place in Rik’s life. At Rik and Oishani’s wedding, Koushani pushed Oishani from the mandap and took her place, and in the process hurt Oishani in the head. In another episode, Koushani offered to drive Oishani to Banerjee house and on the way jumped off the moving car in order to kill Oishani. It was due to Oishani’s presence of mind that she was able to save herself.

Oishani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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In a recent episode, while Oishani and Rik were spending some quality time together, Koushani gets jealous of their proximity and tries to hurt Oishani yet again. Koushani was standing on the balcony and as she sees Oishani and Rik’s enjoying each other’s company, she picks up a flower pot from the ledge of the balcony and throws it at Oishani with the intent to hurt her. It was all thanks to Rik’s sister that Oishani was saved.

Koushani in Jibon Saathi
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Koushani has not only been trying to hurt Oishani, but she has been trying to hurt the members of the Banerjee family as well. She along with her brother, Subhash, has been plotting against the family for quite some time and has been trying to take the property for themselves. She has also been a constant hindrance between Oishani and Rik. From posing as Oishani during phoolsojja¬†to mixing poison in Oishani’s food and from burning Oishani’s wedding attire to trying to create misunderstanding between the Banerjee family and Rik’s family, Koushani has done it all. So we think Rik’s concern about Koushani and his suggestion to put her behind the bars are quite valid and Oishani should listen to him.

Koushani and Rik in Jibon Saathi
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