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Jibon Saathi: Koushani and Oishani might be twins, but have drastically different personalities

Debanjali Kabiraj

March 27, 2021

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A pair of twins might be blood-related, but their personalities can be poles apart. Koushani and Oishani of Jibon Saathi prove this to be true in every way.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jibon Saathi stars Diya Basu as Priyam, Sayan Karmakar as Sankalpa and Shrabani Bhunia as Jhelum in the lead roles. Koushani and Oishani are fraternal twins but they have drastically opposite personalities and ideologies. While Oishani is an absolute gem with a mature, understanding, and more poised nature, Koushani is the epitome of evilness and is always eager to create chaos in the life of others.

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Evil-minded versus innocent

Koushani has a very evil mind. She has always tried to harm people who do not sit well with her motives. From threatening Turno to trying to replace Oishani at the marriage mandap, Koushani has done it all. Oishani, on the other hand, is very simple and innocent in nature. She is always caring for her family members and has always stood by the needy. One can only that hope in the future she can teach her sister how to be a better person.

Oishani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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Obsessive versus loving

Koushani has had her eyes on Rik for the longest time. She has always wanted to take Oishani’s place in Rik’s life but Rik has always loved Oishani. The former’s love for Rik has taken the form of insanity and she has crossed many lines in order to be Rik’s wife. Oishani, on the other hand, has had the purest feelings for Rik. She has selflessly loved him with all her heart and has sacrificed a lot for her relationship with Rik.

Koushani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

Envious versus confident

Koushani has been jealous of Oishani for a very long time. She has never considered Oishani as her own sister but as a rival who is trying to snatch her love away. Out of jealousy, she has even hurt her own sister physically in order to win over Rik. However, Oishani is a very confident woman. She has never complained about any of her problems, nor has she developed hard feelings for anybody. Even when Koushani says that she loves Rik, Oishani says she can love Rik but she should not be jealous. She advised Koushani to let go of her jealousy.

Oishani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

Self-centered versus selfless

Koushani is a very self-centered woman who only cares about her own gains in life. For her own interest, she did not think twice before hurting her own family members. She not only inflicted pain on her own twin sister but also hurt her father by trying to marry Rik by deceit. But Oishani is a selfless and giving woman. She has always thought about her family before herself. She has continuously sacrificed her happiness for the welfare of her family.

Koushani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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Violent versus gentle

Koushani has exhibited violent behaviour on many occasions. She is an extremely short-tempered woman and has in fact resorted to physical violence towards her family members. She was the one who pushed Oishani from the wedding chair and took her place. Oishani got injured in the head and fell unconscious. In a recent episode also, she tried to choke Oishani when she called Koushani evil and told her to stay away from Rik. Oishani is very gentle and timid in nature. She is a woman of few words and approaches every hurdle with a level-headed attitude. We wish Koushani could adopt some traits of Koushani and become a better human being.

Oishani in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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