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Jibon Saathi: Here’s how members of the Banerjee family can put Koushani and Subhash behind the bars

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 3, 2021

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Here is how Banerjee family members can fight against Koushani and Subhash’s antics and can put them behind the bars.

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jibon Saathi stars Diya Basu as Priyam, Sayan Karmakar as Sankalpa and Shrabani Bhunia as Jhelum in the lead roles. In the show, Subhash and Koushani together have been creating problems for the whole family for quite some time now. The sibling duo has joined hands and has been plotting evil plans in order to fulfill their own selfish interest. While Koushani wants Rik for herself,, Subhash wants the property and Selai Textile for himself. The Banerjee family should unite against Koushani and Subhash and put them behind the bars. Here is how they can do so.

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Rik can file a police complaint against Koushani

Rik and Oishani have been harassed by Koushani ever since they got married. Koushani not only tried to marry Rik by deceit but also started living in their house by force. She has tried to spoil every moment Rik and Oishani spent together and has constantly tried to harm Oishani. Rik can very easily file a police complaint against her and get her arrested.

Rik in Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

Sankalpa and others can try to find evidence against Subhash

Subhash has been the ultimate source of chaos in the Banerjee family and has been trying to take all the property from his brother and sister-in-law. Every crime leaves behind some evidence and Sankalpa, Priyam, Turno, and Jhelum need to look for these pieces of evidence. If they manage to lay their hands at even one such evidence that proves that Subhash Banerjee was responsible for the attack on Salankara or he was behind the fire in Selai Textile’s showroom, they will be able to send him to jail.

Sankalpa and Subhash In Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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Oishani can charge Koushani on grounds of an attempt to murder

Koushani is out of jail only because Oishani is kind and sympathetic towards her. If Oishani decides to teach her a lesson, Koushani will be behind the bars for a very long time. Oishani can file an FIR against Koushani for an attempt to murder as she has tried to hurt Oishani fatally many times in the past. From poisoning her food during the bhaat kapor ceremony to trying to kill her in a car accident,  Koushnai has done it all.

Oishani and Koushani In Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

Priyam can coax factory workers to tell the truth 

Priyam’s factory workers were a part of Subhash’s evil plan to kill Salankara. He paid them and asked them to attack Salankara so that it seems like the attack was planned by Priyam. If Priyam can coax her factory workers, to tell the truth about the incident, she can easily put Subhash Banerjee behind the bars.

Priyam In Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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Bipin can be a witness of Subhash’s evil plans

Bipin is a vital link between Subhash and his evil plans as he used to work for Subhash earlier. Recently, he had a change of heart and started supporting Salankara and Priyam. If Bipin steps up as a witness and reports all the evil deeds done by Subhash, the latter can be arrested by the police and can serve a long term in jail for his evil deeds.

Bipin In Jibon Saathi
Source: ZEE5

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