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Indian Pro Music League: Captain Payal Dev Of UP Dabbangs Explains The Show’s Format And Reveals Details About It

Vatsal Thakore

February 2, 2021

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Singer Payal Dev, captain of the UP Dabbangs, shares some details about the Indian Pro Music League and the format of the show sounds very interesting.

Zee TV is soon going to begin airing a new singing reality show called the Indian Pro Music League. The show will be set in the format of a sports premier league and will have six teams, representing six different states or cities of India. Each team will have three captains, who are singers or music composers. Singer Payal Dev, who is one of the captains of the UP Dabbangs team, shared some details about the show in a recent live stream by the platform. Read on to find out.

There will be six teams in IPML – UP Dabbangs, Mumbai Warriors, Punjab Lions, Bengal Tigers, Gujarat Rockers, and Delhi Dhurrandhars. Payal Dev, along with Ankit Tiwari, and Salman Ali are the captains of UP Dabbangs. By far we already know this much about the show. However, Payal Dev further shared that each team will have a fourth member, who will be a newcomer. So for each team, there will be three captains, who are established music personalities, and the fourth one will be a newcomer who will make it big in the industry with this show.

Payal Dev also shared that unlike other reality shows, IPML will not have any judges. After the performances, the decision will be left upon the audience. The audience and viewers’ votings will take the selective teams ahead in the show.

Source: ZEE5

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Regarding the preparation, Payal Dev said that besides the prior preparations, each team will also make new plans and devise new strategies in the ongoing show, after each rival team’s performance. Payal Dev also emphasized on the fact that since this is first of its kind reality show in the world, it will be a grand and totally new experience for the audience.

IPML’s opening ceremony premieres on 26 February at 8 pm on ZeeTV and ZEE5.

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