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Girish Kulkarni Reveal His Fun Side And Shares His ‘Prank Call’ In This Exclusive Chat

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May 10, 2021

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Girish Kulkarni will be featuring in ZEE5’s upcoming dark-comedy series ‘Sunflower’. Ahead of the show’s release, the actor talked about the show, his character and why he had almost rejected the show earlier.

We often judge the actors by the on-screen personalities they portray or through their representation in media. However, there’s always an unseen side of the celebrities we have no idea of. Sometimes, they are just like us, wanting to enjoy the little nuances of life. Similarly, actor Girish Kulkarni, in a candid interview with ZEE5, shared an unknown and interesting side of his life. And we are completely impressed!

The actor will be featuring in Sunflower web series, ZEE5’s new dark-thriller saga. Girish will be seen essaying the role of a cop in this saga. Ahead of the show’s release, the actor talked about the series and his character in an exclusive interview. Well, he also shared some interesting stories which made us aware of Girish’s ‘fun side’. Check out the full interview:

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Girish Kulkarni answered that he’s a night person. The actor jokingly referred to himself as “Raaton Ka Raja”.

Tea or Coffee?

Calling himself a “pakka desi” the actor chose tea over coffee. He promptly answered, “Tea only”. 

Top three songs on your playlist?

Girish shared his love for “melodious” Marathi songs and stated that Balasaheb Mangeshkar and Ajay-Atul are among his favourite musicians. He sang a couple of his favourite Jitendra Abhisheki and Lata Mangeshkar songs including ‘Kashi Tujh Samjhavu’ and ‘Ghan Tami Shukra’.

When asked if he would’ve been a singer if not an actor, Girish said, “I would have loved to be part of the music profession, to learn this art.”

One thing that makes you angry?

“There are so many things that make me angry,” the actor answered. Girish specified that “untidiness” and people not having “civic sense” makes him furious.

One bad habit of yours that no one knows about?

Girish stated unpunctuality as his “worst” habit. The actor revealed that his intent is always to “be on time” but eventually he fails to do so. Sharing nuances about his hometown Pune, the actor shared how many people follow the “British standards” of punctuality. The actor admitted that there should be no excuses and said he’s improving “slowly and steadily”.

Have you ever used your star status to get away?

The actor had an impressive view of “star status”. Firstly, he answered that he never uses his stardom to get away. The actor further added, how the celebrity status restricts him from being an “observer” which he loves to be. “I don’t want to be reckoned out of the movie screens. I get embarrassed,” he said.

“I want to interact with each and everyone out there. I want to know their stories. But they do maintain a distance when they realize my star status,” Girish, who also happens to be an acclaimed writer, shared. 

What was the last lie that you said?

The actor unveiled his “prankster” side and shared how he did many prank calls to soothe everyone amid the pandemic. Sharing one such story, Girish revealed he prank called one of his relatives who happens to be a retired Brigadier. 

The actor forged a phoney story about the administration needing help from ex-servicemen and his relative fell under his trap. Also, Girish pranked his sister about a business deal.

What is your cheat meal like?

Girish answered, “When I’m at home an omelette rolled with roti. And when I’m outdoors, even vada pav works for me.”

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What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for your partner?

The actor had a very real yet sweet take on his married life. He shared that he has treated his wife with many “surprises and holidays”. Girish said, “I have loved her thoroughly in all these years and hopefully have kept my charm alive”. Further, he jokingly quoted an author, “All perfect marriages are based upon mutual misunderstandings.”

Worst comment you’ve received on social media?

Girish said that he hasn’t used social media for the last three years. He believes that it consumes his “thought process”. However, recalling his earlier experiences, Girish shared that whenever he cited his opinion on social and political issues, he received hatred from netizens.

Biggest lesson life has taught you?

“There’s hardly anything in your control as such. So never seek it and just be like flowing water where the next turn should be happiness,” the actor answered.

What’s the weirdest thing you have searched on Google?

Girish said that he hardly uses Google. Also, the actor urges his friends to seek answers on their own. “I would prefer to live with the questions for a while and I enjoy it,” the actor answered. The actor admitted that his idea may not be “practical and useful” for many but he loves to follow it.

If you could switch your life with another one who would it be?

Highlighting his leadership qualities, Girish stated that he would like to switch places with powerful politicians. He specifically added, “Either CM or PM maybe”.

Your biggest regret?

“I haven’t taken my acting profession very seriously. I just worked on whatever came my way” Girish answered. Also, he further said that his biggest regret is “not learning music” professionally.

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Your first reaction when you read the script of Sunflower?

Girish shared an interesting anecdote. He firstly rejected the offer to play the role of investigating officer in the upcoming series Sunflower. The actor stated that he was getting typecast in cop roles. For those unversed, Girish played the role of a police officer in Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly which was appreciated by critics as well as fans.

Furthermore, Girish Talked about the conversation he had with director Vikas Bahl. And the actor was finally convinced that it was a quite “different and interesting” concept and role. 

What’s the reason behind the title Sunflower?

The actor didn’t reveal the meaning behind the title. However, Girish added that Sunflower is a promising and riveting story. “It is a gripping story. When you’ll watch the content, you’ll find out the meaning behind Sunflower,” he said.

How was your experience shooting amid the pandemic?

Being contrary to others, Girish shared, “It was a hell lot of fun”. “I was working with Vikas Bahl for the first time, he’s a wonderful human being and a profound director,” he added. Girish also shared that he enjoyed working with his co-stars Ranvir Shorey and Sunil Grover.

An insight into your character?

Girish shared that his character in Sunflower is very ‘hatke’. “He is a mischievous human being, infamous for his amorous affairs. However, he’s also a dutiful and responsible cop,” the actor revealed. He added that there’s a “fun side” to his character Chetan Tambe.

Three reasons to watch Sunflower?

“An entertaining tale told in an entertaining manner, interesting characters, the innocence of story,” are the three reasons listed by the actor.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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