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Sunflower: 5 Reasons Why Sunil Grover’s Character, Sonu Reminds Us Of Suppandi From Tinkle

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June 4, 2021

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Watching the trailer of Sunflower, we can say that there are many similarities between Sonu and the comic character Suppandi. From their playful escapades to lifelike personas, there’s a lot to love and be inspired by them!

We are always excited when our favourite book characters get adapted for the big screens. Watching it transit into live-action and delve into a different world gets us highly intrigued. However, at times the writers might just have a subtle reference from a popular character from books. And quite similarly, ZEE5’s upcoming show Sunflower has reminded the fans of renowned comic character Suppandi. As seen in the Sunflower trailer of the show, Sunil Grover’s character Sonu seems to be highly inspired by lively Suppandi and his adventures.

Though the comic culture in India is not that popular, Suppandi is among those few characters whose stories are still fresh among the masses. And watching the glimpse of Sonu from Sunflower #TheUnCooperativeSociety, we can say that there are many similarities between these two fictitious yet interesting characters. From their playful escapades to lifelike personas, there’s a lot to love and be inspired by them.

So, here are 5 reasons why Sunil Grover’s Sonu reminds us of Suppandi.

Imperfect And Real

A still from Sunflower
Source: ZEE5

As kids, we enjoyed Suppandi’s extraordinary capers and were in awe of his simpleton nature. However, as time passed, we have found ourselves more attached to this fictional character due to his imperfections. And that’s what made him a more realistic comic character of all time. On the other hand, Sunflower’s Sonu also carried these characteristics. From the sense of loyalty to the eagerness of trying new things, Sonu is as real as it gets.

While we were deeply rooted in Supandi’s story, Sunflower might treat us with a similar experience. So be ready to welcome Sonu this time!

Entangled In Escapades!

A still from Sunflower
Source: ZEE5

Suppandi as a character is not a quitter. He is someone who loves to get his hands on new and unheard things. And this attitude often lands him in deep trouble. However, he makes sure that his memories will be as lively as possible. Being on similar lines, Sonu often gets involved in interesting escapades. And unfortunately, gets entangled in chaotic situations.

As seen in the Sunflower trailer, Sonu gets involved in a murder investigation. It remains to be seen how he gets over this mess.

Naive Yet Extraordinary

A still from Sunflower
Source: ZEE5

Suppandi is simple but not idiotic. His different approach towards his problems makes him an extraordinary personality. This is something we might see in Sunflower, especially through Sonu’s story. Finding himself in a problematic situation, Sonu will have to resolve the chaos. And his naive yet extraordinary outlook might be of great help for him. So, considering their looks and personas, we can say Suppandi and Sonu are mirroring characters.

A Reflection Of The Real World!

A still from Sunflower
Source: ZEE5

From lifelike situations to relatable characters, Suppandi’s world was quite similar to that of ours. And this character made us realize how simple solutions can resolve big issues. Ultimately, Suppandi’s story reflected the real world in many ways. And Vikas Bahl’s Sunflower will also be offering a view of our own society. Precisely, it is through Sonu’s perspective, that we will get an overview of this world.

Well, it remains to be seen what’s more stored in for us.

An Inspiring Survivor

A still from Sunflower
Source: ZEE5

No matter how chaotic the situations are, Suppandi always managed to get away from them. With his effective tricks and simple approach, he not only entertained but also inspired us. And probably, we’ll see the same in Sonu’s story. After unexpectedly getting involved in a murder investigation, Sonu is trying his best to get away from the chaos. Will he get succeeded? Well, it remains to be seen.

So, don’t miss out on watching Sunflower. The show will be streaming exclusively on ZEE5 from June 11, 2021.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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