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Sunil Grover’s New Series Prove He Can Play Any Role Effortlessly; From A Naive Man In Sunflower To A Cunning Father In Baaghi

Aboli Vaze

June 4, 2021

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Sunil Grover has proven that he is a truly versatile actor. He can play any kind of role whether it is a comic one or a serious one, and nail it to the hilt.

Sunil Grover’s new web series is all set to present us with yet another thriller, revolving around a crime-comedy this time. It is titled Sunflower and is based on a murder taking place in a society named Sunflower. Helmed by Vikas Bahl, the murder mystery features Sunil Grover in a lead role alongside Ranvir Shorey, Ashish Vidyarthi, and others. Fans are really looking forward to this series, and are especially eager to witness Sunil’s comical performance. With his role in Sunflower as Sonu, Sunil has proven that he is a truly versatile actor. He can play any kind of role – be it a comic one or a serious one.

In the upcoming series, Sunil will be seen as Sonu. A naive and oblivious man who never knows what to say in public. This rather gullible nature of his lands him in trouble when he becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. In the teaser clip, Sonu’s oblivious nature comes to the forefront when he says the dumbest thing in front of a sub-inspector. He goes, “What is sub-inspector? Sabka Inspector?”

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Much to our amusement and other society members’ horror, Sonu just does not know when to say what. It is evident from the teaser that his character is going to promise a lot of entertainment and fun. Sunil is anyway synonymous with comedy and nails all his comic performances impeccably.

This role almost makes us forget that he once played an ‘evil’ role in Baaghi. He wasn’t the main antagonist per se, but he wasn’t exactly the hero either. He played the role of P. P. Khurrana in the film ie, Shraddha Kapoor’s father. Sunil had comedy scenes even in Baaghi but he was not the best father to Sia Khurana.

P. P. Khurrana was an affectionate man who loved his daughter but was blinded by money. So, when the villain offered him a hefty amount of money in exchange for Sia’s hand in marriage, he readily agreed. What kind of father does that? This had a deep impact on Sia’s life and it makes us if he was the most evil one.

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It’s not just comic or serious roles he can ace. Sunil has the power to get his audience emotional with his tear-jerking performances as well. If you have watched Salman Khan’s Bharat then you’d know Sunil as Vilayti. Salman Khan aka Bharat’s best friend who sticks with him through thick and thin all his life. He is a very sweet and loving character and made the film a heartwarming watch. Despite being in a supporting role, Sunil managed to shine and win our hearts with his brilliant role.

From playing a greedy father in a film to stepping into the shoes of a naive man in Sunflower is something only a versatile star can do. Sunil Grover has aced many contrasting roles, whilst adding a hint of his strong suit (comedy) in many of them. That is why we think Sunil Grover can effortlessly play any kind of character and he is indeed one of the most talented stars of Indian cinema today.

We cannot wait to watch him in the Sunflower series, that is all set to release on  June 11 only on ZEE5.

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