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Kapil Sharma Talks About Battling Depression Thanking Media For Raising The Red Flag


September 29, 2021

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Kapil Sharma was attacked by depression and the comedian opens up about his struggles of coming through it and thanks the media for helping him recognise his mental health

Kapil Sharma rose to immense unbeatable fame with his comedy show and this became a must-watch in every household. However, in making others laugh their hearts out, Kapil Sharma had sunk himself into depression without having an idea about the same. However, the media realised this in no time, and by making headlines helped the comedian escape from the claws of depression.

Kapil was not aware about what was happening to him he said that at that moment, you don’t feel that anything will change because all things seem negative at that time. Don’t know what kind of chemical gets released in your brain that doesn’t allow you to think positively. But his family gave him strength at the time, especially his wife, Ginni. She knew everything about what was happening in his life. No one else did’

Kapil also said that his mother knew nothing about mental illnesses and depression, she is a woman from a small village. Not just her, even Kapil did not have much of an idea about it. Paper walon ka bhala ho jinhone likha ‘Kapil Sharma hue depression ka shikaar’ and that is how Kapil Sharma understood that he is suffering depression.


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Kapil shared further that his wife, Ginni stayed with him like a strong pillar. She is a big strength for him in my life. She told him that the public loves him and that Kapil should go back to work and restart his show, and he will feel good.

For those who are unaware back in 2017, Kapil Sharma had issues going on and would not attend the shoot in time making the celebrities wait and in this, he also had a tiff with Sunil Grover. His show was also shut down.

After taking a long break, Kapil Sharma was finally back with a bang and started family time with Kapil and then revived the Kapil Sharma show and now he is back again after a small break for his paternity leave after the arrival of his son.


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