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From #SidNi Parting Ways To DD’s Arrest, Everything That’s In Store For You In Jamai 2.0 Season 2

Aditi Sharma

March 9, 2021

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Did you know that the mastermind DD is fooled by Sid and Pritam which leads to her arrest in Jamai 2.0 Season 2? Check out what else you are missing out on.

Jamai 2.0 is back with a bang as season 2 of the web show recently started streaming on ZEE5. The narrative is based on Sidharth, Roshni, and DD whose lives are interwoven with threads of love and revenge. Jamai 2.0 ended on an interesting cliffhanger and so the second season was much-awaited. Did you know DD gets arrested in the show? Besides that, check out what else is in store for you in Jamai 2.0 Season 2. 

In the natural progression of the show, there are several mysteries that are unfolded including the big mystery of Ajit Patel. While everyone thought he was dead, he was alive somewhere in Paris. Sid finds out about Ajit by hacking DD’s mails and Pritam goes behind his back and leaks all the information to the police. Meanwhile, Pritam’s Anna is also found dead and DD gets arrested as the prime accused. Roshni furiously snaps at Sid for sending her mother to jail even after she warned him to keep their parents away from their war.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

Sid tries to convince Roshni that he did not do it and he would never do that. However, Roshni doesn’t believe him and decides to end their relationship and seek revenge from him. DD’s arrest certainly created a rift between Sid and Roshni and their relation crumbles into pieces. With the love birds now standing poles apart, the new season revolves around them making a choice between #LoveOrFamily.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

This season of Jamai 2.0 also unfolds several mysteries which were left unanswered in the first season. It tells viewers the reason behind Sid taking revenge on DD. It also highlights who DD met in Mumbai and how she is hiding a big secret from Roshni. While we all thought, it was Sid or DD who were the ringmasters of this big game, there is more to this revenge saga. Jamai 2.0 Season 2 will end the war between DD and Sid, however, it will also pave way for a bigger mystery that we may witness in season 3 of the show. As DD said, “There is always a beginning with an end to a story” and knowing her character we know she’ll stay true to her words.

Watch Jamai 2.0 on ZEE5.


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