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Dev DD’s Devika Or Jamai 2.0’s Durga Devi: Who Is More Badass?

Vatsal Thakore

February 23, 2021

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Devika from Dev DD and Durga Devi from Jamai 2.0 are two savage women who are coming soon on ZEE5.

While watching shows and films, the ones who have the most kickass and savage female characters, always gain our attention. Whether they are the protagonists, standing up for their right reasons or the antagonists, creating havoc, these sassy characters always steal the show. Two such characters, who are soon going to make an appearance on ZEE5 are DD or Durga Devi (Achint Kaur), and Dev DD or Devika Dharam Dwivedi (Asheema Vardaan).

While Durga Devi aka DD, is the main antagonist of the show Jamai 2.0, Devika, Dev DD, is the protagonist of the show Dev DD. Durga Devi is a single mother and self-made businesswoman, who runs a club in Pondicherry. Durga Devi is also secretly running a crime conglomerate to let her criminal activities run their course.

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Durga Devi’s arch-enemy is the protagonist, Siddharth (Ravi Dubey). Siddharth is on a journey to get his revenge from Durga Devi. But DD being a big mastermind, knows Siddharth’s plans. Besides being a mastermind, she is also a conniving woman who knows how to play her cards. She makes Siddharth believe that she is falling into his trap while also plotting against him and also taking care of her daughter.

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Durga Devi is someone who is not afraid of wielding a gun and she does it with complete ease. She is supposedly behind her husband’s disappearance and is not afraid to kill to save her secrets or her business. DD is also a lone wolf, who knows how to lead the empire that she has created by herself.

Jamai 2.0 season 2 premieres on 26 February on ZEE5. Until then, catch up on season 1 of Jamai 2.0 on ZEE5.

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Devika Dharam Dwivedi, our protagonist of Dev DD and Dev DD 2, is also a badass in her own ways. She constantly displays her side that hates the patriarchal world and is not afraid to shatter the stereotypes it has set for women. She loves giving savage comebacks and showing the crowd who the real boss is.

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In the Dev DD 2 trailer, we saw that she has grown to new heights of savagery. After she picks herself up from heartbreak, she makes a decision that she will fight for her friends Chandni and Radha’s relationship to be accepted in society. She is going up against the landlords and the rigid elders of society, standing up to them with all the confidence, to fight for her friends.

Devika is someone who stands up for the right things but is also not afraid to own the conversation with her cursing and comebacks. Everything about her, right from her attitude, her beliefs and her way of conversing, make her the perfect fierce protagonist that we love.

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Dev DD 2 will also show Devika standing up not only for her friends but also for a lot many things that society needs to be called out for. Her battle with the injustice-next-door will make her shine even better in the eyes of the viewers.

Dev DD 2 premiers on 20 February on ZEE5.

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