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Achint Kaur Opens Up About Love, Life And Jamai 2.0 Co-stars In This Exclusive Interaction With ZEE5

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February 28, 2021

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Achint Kaur revealed a few secrets about her life including her love for Javier Bardem, her best friend Charu Anand and that how Nia Sharma is actually like a daughter to her.

Jamai 2.0 actress Achint Kaur is a known face in the TV industry. She has not only done films and theater but has done TV shows, Jamai Raja being her most prominent work. In Jamai 2.0 season two she will reprise her role as DD and is all set to take the charge with her character. Join us to know more about this beauty and how she lives her life! This 50 year-old actress will surprise you with her calm persona and her insightful answers!

How was the pandemic for you?

She said the pandemic was not bad for her at all. She spent her time watching a lot of stuff, doing a lot of homework, getting in touch with people for work. She also mentioned that she likes being at home so it was nice.

Did you miss meeting people?

She said she likes socialising, so she missed that but usually, she tends to get quiet in big groups so it was fine.

Tea or coffee?

She chose tea. Coffee gives her a lot of anxiety because she’s a hyper-energetic person she gets frazzled. If she has two cups of coffee in a day, she doesn’t know what she’ll do! Even with tea, she likes infused tea, black tea and herbal tea as they have less caffeine.

Gym or Yoga?

She prefers the gym and concentrates on body-weight training, power and strength training. She also enjoys stretching and focuses on flexibility!

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Your favourite morning song?

She said she doesn’t have a favourite morning song but these days she’s been listening to the Lakes and August by Taylor Swift a lot.

The last thing you bought for under 100 rupees?

She recently had pista kulfi on the streets during a walk and had a nice time!

When was the last time you used public transport?

She doesn’t remember the last time she used public transport! She probably used public transport 25 years ago! But she has a special place in her heart for autos. She calls herself the “auto queen” and often goes around in autos to places when she wants to be left alone! She prefers autos over cabs.

What is the one thing you can never leave your house without?

She said the one thing she cannot leave her house without was her phone!

What is the one thing that makes you angry?

Achint said that when people take her for granted she feels extremely annoyed.

What are the names of your pets?

She has a black Labrador who’s name is  Muffin and a Cocker spaniel whose name is Pepper!

What is your one bad habit that no one knows about?

She said that everyone knows about her bad habit, which is smoking. She hopes to be able to give it up one day.

Do you ever use your star status to get your way?

She does not think she has a star status at all, but whatever fame she does have she only uses it when she has issues with her orders etc. She does not mind standing in queues at all!

What was the last lie you told someone?

She said she very recently lied to someone who was harrowing her over the phone. She wanted to get off call so she lied about being in the middle of a meeting!

What does your cheat meal consist of?

She said she does not believe in these ‘fundas’ in life and eats what she wants when she feels like it.

What does your ideal date look like?

She said that she has been single for almost six years now. She does not know her ideal date, but it needs to be something that will surprise her enough and make her want to stay and spend time with that person!

What was the best comment you’ve received on social media?

She mentioned an incident while shooting for Jamai 2.0 where she and actress Nia Sharma were at the beach having fun and clicking pictures. Those pictures went viral on social media and a lot of places called her “Fit at 50.” She loved it!


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What is the worst comment you’ve gotten on social media?

It was one of the bikini shoot pictures, in which one user commented, “Arrey sharam karo, itni buddhi hogayi ho, nangi kyu ghum rahi ho social media pe?”

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Your favourite holiday destination?

She said that it was Paris at some point, which she visited with her sister. She admits having not travelled a lot and wants to explore Greece sometime!

Who is your 3 am friend?

Her closest friend is Charu Anand. Her sister is also one of her 3 am buddies that she can all and not feel like apologising.

If you have to describe love in one word?

She answered this with a cheeky answer, saying, “Me!”

If you have to describe life in one word?

She used the word, “Beautiful.”

What’s your favourite quote that you live by?

*”I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths and a great fear of a shallow limit.” This is the quote by Tao that really stayed with Achint when she read it the first time.

If you were stuck on an island who would you like to be stuck with?

Achint chose Eat Pray Love actor Javier Bardem because she thinks that he is an intense actor! She thinks that as an actor he touches the right chord and she cannot take her eyes off him in the movie!

Your favourite superhero?

When she was a kid she always wanted to meet Phantom and Casper but along the way, she started to enjoy the Spiderman series as well.

What was the weirdest thing you’ve googled?

At a party when someone discussed menopause and talked about how life after menopause is completely different for women, Achint could not believe her ears! She said that she did a whole study on google after the incident because she thought her life was over!

What is the strangest rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

She said that people don’t come to tell her rumours but yes, once in a while her family or friends do tell her if she’s being talked about and linked with someone. She called it an “Indian mentality” thing and she doesn’t care for it!

Do you have any regrets?

She said she does not have regrets per se, but if given the opportunity to learn what she has in life a little beforehand, and live better, she would take it!

Describe yourself in three words.

She said she would use the words “happy, mad, child.” She doesn’t like describing herself because it makes her feel restricted to the definitions or the words she uses when she can be more than that!

Texting or talking?

She chose ‘talking.’

Food or sex?

“Sex!” She exclaimed instantly.

Love or Money?

She chose love softly and said she could earn money.

Beach or Mountains?

She said that she cannot choose between the two! She loves nature, period.

Ravi Dubey or Nia Sharma?

She said she loved Nia more because she was like her own daughter.

Pixie or DD?

She chose Pixie, stating that she liked Pixie more.


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What was your reaction to Jamai 2.0 getting a season 2?

She admitted that she was very excited when she first heard about it. She was excited for the storyline to come to a proper conclusion after everything that had transpired.

Which was the most challenging scene to shoot in the second season?

She said that she is usually nervous and jittery for the first two days of shoot and so the first scene of the show, which was the dining table scene with Nia was the most difficult for her because she was not feeling aligned.

Three reasons why one should watch Jamai 2.0 season 2?

She said that it’s a mix of everything. It has drama, action, thriller, passion, romance, revenge. This time around, she added, there are new and more interesting characters and the stories have become more complex and intricate. There is way more drama happening and one must not miss out!

When it comes to being a mother, how is your character very different from real life?

Achint said that unlike her reel self who is confident about being a good mother, in real life she is not as confident about it. She admits being a person who can goof up sometimes so she always asks her son to point it out in case she makes a mistake!

If Nia was your real daughter, would you allow her to choose love over family?

She said that she would allow her to choose what she wanted to because everybody has a different path.

Would you choose love over family?

She said that for her love and family go hand in hand so there is no two choices for her.

You’ve done theatre, you’ve done TV and you’ve done web. Which do you like the most?

She said she liked web the most, though theatre has taught her a lot. She found the daily soaps really taxing. Web has been a breath of fresh air for her.

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