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Jamai 2.0 Season 2 Review: Nia Sharma-Ravi Dubey’s Fight For #LoveOrFamily Is A Twisted Tale Of Revenge And Suspense

Aditi Sharma

February 26, 2021

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Jamai 2.0 Season one left many questions unanswered about Sid and DD. But do you think Season 2 can make it up by answering all of them? Check out to know the answer.

With enough strings left loose, Jamai 2.0 Season 2 was a much-awaited sequel. The ZEE5 Original recently started premiering on the app. The web series follows the story of Roshni, Sidharth, and DD whose lives are intertwined with each other due to some past incidents. Starring Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur and Ravi Dubey, Jamai 2.0 season 2 is a twisted tale that unfolds many cards for the audience to connect the dots and understand Sidharth and DD’s history finally.

The episodic saga begins with Roshni and Sidharth ( Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey) enjoying some quality time in their bedroom as they have started living together in DD’s (Achint Kaur) mansion. While Roshni is elated to have Sid around her all the time, she is also concerned as he often disappears without informing her. A flashback is shown where Sidharth and Pritam are working on collecting information about DD. As the first season ended on a cliffhanger with DD meeting someone in Mumbai, it gets revealed that it’s her son Ajit Patel who she has declared dead to protect him from being a murder convict. The second season revolves around DD’s son Ajit Patel as Sid’s determination to find him and seek revenge for his sister’s murder.

While we all thought we would witness more romance between #SidNi, Jamai 2.0 Season 2 takes an unpredictable turn with Roshni knowing about Sid’s conflict with her brother. She takes a decision to spy on Sid while Pritam finds out that DD is keeping Ajit Patel in Paris. With every episode, there is a new mystery that unfolds. However, Anna, Sid’s biggest supporter dies a mysterious death after a woman kills him ( told you there is more to this story).

As the narrative moves forward towards finding out where Ajit Patel is, there is a crucial plot point that develops a connection between these characters. The viewers will find themselves joining pieces of a puzzle to learn why Sid is seeking revenge from DD while also discussing Roshni’s emotional journey. She goes on an emotional roller coaster ride realising that she’ll have to choose between #LoveOrFamily.

As the mysterious tale progresses further, one fine day Abeer (Vin Rana)  makes an entry into DD’s mansion. He is a foreign investor who takes interest in DD’s business and also in her daughter, Roshni. The show takes a shift towards the theme of a love triangle but wait! how about adding some more glam to it? Aahana meets Sid after her car breaks on the highway. While Sid thinks he is helping a stranger, he gets to know that she is Abeer’s sister.

In the midst of the story, there is an interesting confrontation between Roshni and Sidharth after he gets to know that she was tapping his phone. Their heated argument leads to him confronting her. He vows to seek revenge from her brother for his sister’s death and Roshni accepts his challenge.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

They would play the game of Tom and Jerry but this time both seeking Ajit Patel. Jamai 2.0 Season 2 keeps viewers glued to their seats because of the mysteries unfolding and new twists adding more thrill to the whole story.  With Sid and Roshni being on the opposite sides, Abeer and Aahana decide to convince Roshni to date Abeer. The business relationship between Abeer and Roshni brings them closer however an interesting revelation adds more mystery to the story. Abeer who everyone thought is a businessman, turns out to be a CBI officer investigating DD! (Wow, right?)

Every episode makes the storyline more consistent which ultimately makes it more intriguing to know what would happen in the end. Be it investigation by Abeer, the information about Ajit Patel given to Sid, or Roshni searching for his brother, everything runs parallelly and while this is on, it’s the lone wolf DD who’s actually ruling the storyline. (trust me, the game has just begun).

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

Nearing the climax, Sid finds out about Ajit Patel living in DD’s mansion. However, before he can confront him, Roshni gets him arrested. In this instance, Abeer joins hands with Sid to find Ajit. On other hand, DD plays a game and comes out of jail.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

Without creating a predictable end to the story in the viewers’ minds, Jamai 2.0 Season 2 creates another big mystery with DD and Ajit Patel being arrested by Abeer. Ranjit, who is Roshni’s father turns out to be the ringmaster. He is Thalapathy, the don of Dubai who was fooling everyone to take DD’s empire.

But as well said, “It’s not an end, it’s a new beginning! Without revealing any spoilers, we can assure you that the story ends on a slightly unpredictable note and you won’t see this coming.

Jamai 2.0
Source: ZEE5

Coming to performances, Ravi and Nia are brilliant. While he continues to shine in his scenes, Nia is equally terrific, matching shoulders to his convincing act. Achint Kaur is another stellar performer who puts up a bold and brave act one more time. She’s a powerful actress and that’s evident whenever she comes on-screen.

Among the new entries, Vin Rana as the suave officer is charming and so good looking! It’s a delight to see him. Priya Banerjee as Ahana is also convincing though she had a limited scope to shine.

Jamai 2.0’s direction and cinematography are top-notch. The series is shot at some beautiful locations and those win you over. Background music is in sync with the show’s terrific plot and it keeps you hooked. Overall, Jamai 2.0 Season 2 should be your pick if you love crime thrillers and revenge dramas.

For more such entertaining shows, keep watching ZEE5.

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