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Dev DD 2: Meet The Cast And Characters Of This Drama Ft Asheema Vardaan, Sanjay Suri

Vatsal Thakore

March 30, 2021

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Here is an introduction to the main characters of Dev DD 2 on ZEE5.

Dev DD 2, the amazing sequel to the show Dev DD, recently released on ZEE5. While some characters resumed their roles from the previous season, we also saw some new characters entering the storyline this time. Before you binge-watch Dev DD 2, take a look at the main characters you will see in this new season.


Devika Dwivedi – Asheema Vardaan

Our savage protagonist, Devika Dwivedi, is played by Asheema Vardaan. The show revolves around her love, life, and love life, as she deals with her heartbreak. She has become a fighter who stands up for her friends and for what is right. In Dev DD 2, you will see a more courageous and brave side of Devika.

Anurag – Sanjay Suri


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Sanjay Suri returns as the calm and composed journalist, Anurag, who is deeply in love with Devika but has to stay away from her because his daughter does not approve of their relationship. Besides being the level-headed man in love, he is also a journalist who is on a mission to bust a female foeticide racket.

Paritosh – Aman Uppal


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Paritosh is another gentle person, who has made a sudden appearance in Devika’s life. An ophthalmologist, Paritosh is badly smitten by Devika. Played by Aman Uppal, Paritosh is someone who is constantly trying to woo Devika and believes that she will fall for him, despite the annoyance that she shows towards him.

Chandni – Rashmi Agdekar


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Chandni, played by Rashmi Agdekar, is Anurag’s daughter, and Devika’s best friend. After finding out about her father’s relationship with Devika, she is extremely upset and is trying to bring herself to terms with them both. She is also in a serious romantic relationship with Radha and is struggling to be accepted for it in her mother’s eyes.

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Radha – Rumana Molla

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Rumana Molla plays the role of Radha, who is Chandni’s lover and is also working with her to feel accepted by her mother. She is a brave person and a dedicated lover in her relationship and is always present for Chandni to help her in all her troubles. 

Aditi – Nauheed Cyrusi

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Aditi is Anurag’s colleague and his partner in busting the female foeticide racket. Played by Nauheed Cyrusi, she was also once Anurag’s lover but now has kept a professional partnership with him to work on their investigation. She is a courageous woman who is ready to take risks for their investigation.

Dharam and Sarla Dwivedi – Suneel Sinha and Deepika Amin Deshpande

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Suneel Sinha and Deepika Amin Deshpande play the characters, Dharam and Sarla Dwivedi. They are Devika’s parents, and arguably, the best characters of the show, after Devika herself. They are the most understanding parents who support their daughter in her battles in decisions and also have an open-minded and accepting personality for everyone. Their fun little banters with Devika in Dev DD 2, are a treat to watch.

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