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Dev DD 2 Review: Asheema Vardaan Nails Her Performance As Devika Dwivedi Once Again In This Exhilarating Sequel

Vatsal Thakore

February 22, 2021

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Dev DD 2 starring Asheema Vardaan, Sanjay Suri and Aman Uppal premiered on ZEE5. This Devdas adaptation with a flavour of the thrill is definitely a must-watch show.

Dev DD2 premiered on ZEE5 on 20 February and brought back the badass Devika Dharam Dwivedi with a lot more battles for her to fight. This sequel of Dev DD is truly one of the most exciting and exhilarating web series to binge-watch. Heartbreaks, friendships and savagery is just the upper layer of Dev DD 2. The series has a lot more to offer and in an absolutely brilliant way. Read on to know about our Dev DD 2 review.

Dev DD 2 begins with Devika being back in Jaipur after the heartbreak that she had in Mumbai. She was dumped by Anurag and also by her best friend Chandni after she found out that Devika is dating her father. With two of the most important people in her life dumping her without any explanations, Devika goes into depression and is nothing like her usual self.

Devika has also given up alcoholism to fight this heartbreak but is unable to do so. She has the constant support of her parents, who have been shown extremely supportive and open-minded. Besides Devika herself, her parents are the best characters in this show.

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While in her upset state, she is approached by one of her school seniors, Paritosh, who happens to be attending the same event as hers. Paritosh is an ophthalmologist. He is constantly trying to woo Devika but she does not find herself getting attracted to him. Soon Devika bumps into Anurag and his colleague, Aditi, who is a journalist in Jaipur to investigate a female foeticide racket.

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On the other side, Chandni is also in Jaipur because her uncles have taken over her home from her mother. It was then that Devika finds out that Chandni is Anurag’s daughter and realises why they both dumped her. After she manages to gather herself up and is back as the savage and fierce Devika that everyone loves, she takes it upon herself to get Chandni’s mother her house back. Amidst all this, she also manages to deal with the rude and taunting women of Jaipur and give them her best replies and show everyone how risky it is to ever insult Devika.

Also, the scene when the Pride Army gets Chandni her house back from the ruthless goons is notably one of the most delighting scenes of the show.

Now, Chandni is in a romantic relationship with Radha and the couple is not being accepted by Chandni’s mother. Devika takes it upon herself to stand up for them and give them the happiness that they deserve, while also dealing with the troubles of her love life with Anurag and Paritosh. Chandni and Radha find themselves being happily accepted by Devika’s parents but not by their own.

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What follows next is an enlivening journey of friendship, love, and celebration. The show has displayed the friendship between Devika, Radha, and Chandni so beautifully and naturally, it feels great to watch. It is still surprisingly rare to watch such natural female friendships in mainstream movies and shows, without making any huge statements or being overdramatic, and Dev DD 2 deserves a round of applause for achieving that. Also, the relationship between Radha and Chandni is shown so naturally and organically without it being over-the-top in any case, for which the show should get a special appreciation.

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Also read: Dev DD 2: Ahead Of Season 2, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Devika’s Love LifeFurther, in the show, we also explore some extremely dark and shocking plots and moments that bring unforeseen twists in Devika’s life. The investigation that Anurag and Aditi were doing about the female foeticides, takes an intense turn with some extremely heart-breaking moments. Soon, the show explores Devika’s journey to deal with this twist, after showing why it affected her on the most personal level.

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Dev DD 2 has such a brilliant direction that the audience will find themselves getting engaged to it in every moment and will also get invested in each and every character of the show. The show also has a very natural flow in its story, while transitioning from a celebratory moment to a disheartening one. The screenplay of Dev DD 2 is also neat and perfectly structured, without giving any moment that felt out of place or unfitting.

Asheema Vardaan’s performance as Devika is truly brilliant. Her expressions and dialogue deliveries were perfect in each and every moment. She was very convincing as the girl that we watch on screen, going through multiple character transformations and arcs. Sanjay Suri’s performance as the calm and composed Anurag was also great. His expressions too were absolutely perfect and fitting.

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Suneel Sinha and Deepika Amin Deshpande, as Devika’s parents, were also fantastic. Both of them were very true to their characters, and it was visible. Suneel Sinha’s chemistry with Asheema as the father-daughter duo was very enjoyable to watch. Rashmi Agdekar and Rumana Molla were also great in their performances. Their chemistry too seemed perfectly natural.

Aman Uppal as Paritosh definitely nailed his role. From a patient person to a guy who is in a state that he has had enough, Aman Uppal delivered his performance superbly. Nauheed Cyrusi as Aditi was a revelation and her performance made us wonder if we should see more of her on the web. Overall, all the actors of the show have given such convincing performances, that one would find themselves invested in their storylines. Their expressions, their body language, their on-screen presence was fabulous.

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The cinematography of the show was also great. The editing was brilliant, making all the transitions and moments seem organic and easy to connect to. The background music was also very fitting, which made the show set in its tone perfectly. Dev DD 2 has explored so many topics with such ease and natural flow, without making anything over-dramatic or over-the-top. On the parting note, Dev DD 2 is definitely a great sequel and deserves all your attention.

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