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Dev DD 2: 6 Reasons Why This Bold Version Of Devdas Is Worth Your Time Starring Asheema Vardaan-Sanjay Suri!

Vatsal Thakore

February 23, 2021

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Dev DD 2 explores a lot more than Devika Dharam Dwivedi’s love life. Here are some reasons why GenY and GenZ will love watching this show. Devika Dharam Dwivedi in Dev DD 2 is a fierce woman, who is standing up for her friends and fighting for their identity and acceptance in society.

Dev DD 2 recently premiered on ZEE5 and the show had already been a subject of a lot of anticipation after its trailer and teaser release. With the savage girl, Devika Dharam Dwivedi coming back on screen, Dev DD 2 explores a lot more than Devika’s love life. If Devika returning was not exciting enough for you, here are six more reasons why you should include Dev DD 2 in your watchlist.

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Interesting plot, more than just a rom-com

Dev DD 2 is a rom-com but is not just a rom-com. Devika is back with her journey of heartbreak and finding a new love but there is a lot more to her journey this time. Devika Dharam Dwivedi in Dev DD 2 is a fierce woman, who is standing up for her friends and fighting for their identity and acceptance in society. Also, her ex-boyfriend, Anurag, who is a journalist, is seeking to expose a huge female foeticide scam, which eventually becomes a part of Devika’s journey, as well. This takes the show to a whole new level of a dark and intense plot besides its usual romantic comedy.

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Female friendships

This, in my opinion, is one of the best factors of the show. Surprisingly, we still don’t get to watch many female friendships in Hindi cinema or shows, which are natural and do not look so forced. Dev DD 2 shows one such scenario of a friendship, between Devika, Chandni and Radha, which is simple, natural, and extremely convincing. Their companionship and scenes do not look forced at all and make the show an enjoyable watch.

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Homosexual relations which do not feel forced

Homosexual relationships have very recently begun appearing in mainstream movies and shows in the Hindi film industry. However, sometimes they seem forced and unconvincing in their portrayal. Such is not the case with Dev DD 2. Chandni and Radha’s relationship seems very believable and loveable. The actors, Rashmi Agdekar (Chandni) and Rumana Molla (Radha) have also portrayed the roles really well and displayed great chemistry together.

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Great performances

Performances are the biggest plus-point of Dev DD 2. Each and every actor has portrayed their characters amazingly, giving very impressive performances. Asheema Vardaan has naturally stolen the show as Devika. Whether it is her emotionally upset state or a cheerful and savage one, Asheema has displayed the emotions in a seemingly effortless way. All the other actors namely Rashmi Agdekar, Nauheed Cyrusi, Sanjay Suri, Aman Uppal, Rumana Molla, Suneel Sinha, Deepika Amin Deshpande, Pallavi Jaswal, etc are equally brilliant in the show.

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Breaking stereotypes

The show is breaking a lot of stereotypes that society has set for itself. A lovely display of different relationships that break the norm is one among them. Another stereotype being broken is how people have a certain perception about American men visiting India and one about how a child can have a good relationship with his parents, despite their personal differences.

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Direction and screenplay

The direction of Dev DD 2 is really good. Directors Samar Iqbal and Harsh Dedhia have done a brilliant job in directing this show. They have made the show look so organic and natural, that nothing in it feels forced or exaggerated. Also, they have built it so well that you find yourself connected to the characters very well. Nikhil Vyas, Kamayani Vyas, and Sumrit Shahi are the writers of the show. They have succeeded in keeping the screenplay tight and engaging with good character arcs. Also, the moments, whether they were small ones or defining ones, are nicely written.

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