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Aggabai Sunbai: With A Third Person Now Involved, Will Shubhra Reveal Soham As The Culprit To Asawari?

Tanvi Rumale

May 18, 2021

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Find out about Aggabai Sunbai’s Shubhra’s newest opportunity to reveal Soham’s true colours!

A few episodes ago, on Aggabai Sunbai, when Shubhra was reeling with the shock of her husband’s hidden evil personality and his cheating ways, Soham and Suzanne visited Anurag. Anurag was the one who issued a stay order on land that DBK Foods was interested in. Soham promised Asawari that he will take care of it and left. He met with Anurag and took care of it by bribing him with five lakh rupees. He was arrogant and in a hurry and just gave Anurag the money thinking that the issue will be solved with a bribe. But, Anurag revealed to Asawari that he was bribed!

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Asawari thought that Maddy had bribed Anurag and she removed Maddy from the office. Later, Maddy brought Anurag and asked him to let Asawari know that Maddy was not the one to bribe him. Anurag did not reveal the identity of the real culprit as Shubhra requested him to not do this. Shubhra was afraid that Asawari might be really disappointed and hurt if she finds out the real culprit so she asked Anurag to keep that fact hidden. But at the end of the episode, a scared Soham concocts a plan to save himself. He finds a man who is desperate for work and money and convinces him to take the fall for him.

Aggabai Sunbai Soham
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This man will be paid to take the fall for Soham as the employee who bribed Anurag so that Soham and Suzanne will be clean. But while Soham explains this, Shubhra walks in on them and overhears Soham’s new strategy. We think that now Shubhra won’t hold back. By Soham bribing someone, he has already committed wrongdoing and now by making another person take the fall he will be committing a graver one. We think that since a third person is now involved, Shubhra’s sense of right and wrong will motivate her to plot against Soham.

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While before she was hesitant to tell Asawari the truth, Shubhra might find a way of gathering proof against Soham and presenting it to Asawari. Her first proof will be Anurag’s testimony. Upon Shubhra’s request, Anurag will definitely reveal Soham as the culprit. And Shubhra could also present supporting proof like a recording of Soham’s talk with another employee or a record of Soham withdrawing five lakh rupees in cash!

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This will then be all the proof Asawari needs to reprimand Soham and become distrustful of him. This could also make Asawari more open to Shubhra’s marriage and her condition in it.

Will Shubhra seize this opportunity to reveal Soham’s true colours?

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