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Some Words Of Advise That Manasi And Shubhra Could Give Each Other In Their Current Situations!

Tanvi Rumale

May 6, 2021

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What could Manasi from Pahile Na Me Tula and Shubhra from Aggabai Sunbai advise each other?

Pahile Na Me Tula’s Manasi is in deep financial trouble right now. She has her mother’s operation to pay for, the household expenses, and now a new problem: a land case from Rajan’s village too! And we must not forget that if Manasi is unable to tell the truth about her marriage, then she will have the expense of the wedding as well! Megha decides that it is time to use Samar’s blank cheque as the only solution to these problems. Manasi does not want to resort to using the cheque so she approaches Samar for a 6-months advance salary.

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Samar, who does not like that Manasi doesn’t want to use his cheque, and he makes her play a game with a knife involved, in order to prove that she can be trusted with an advanced salary. Manasi refuses to partake in such a game and tells him straight to his face before storming off.

Meanwhile, in Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra tries to kill herself by jumping off a building but a stranger helps her and saves her. When Shubhra returns home, she is disgusted by Soham’s pretentious behaviour about being a happily married couple but she keeps mum. She is angry and cannot stand Soham, but she does not say a word and goes on with his charade in front of the rest of the family!

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We think that these two Zee Marathi women can really advise each other on their current problems. We know how patient, kind and gentle Shubhra is. Shubhra would definitely advise Manasi to calm down and pacify Samar in a more gentle manner. She might tell her to have an honest conversation about why she needs the salary and be more vulnerable during it. That will get Samar to see how much Manasi needs the money. Shubhra would also advise Manasi to be very careful while delaying the news of her secret marriage to her family as this could ruin everyone’s relations with her and Aniket. Shubhra can also ask Manasi to break the news right away without delaying it any further as the longer she keeps it a secret, the more she might get hurt!

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Similarly, Manasi could advise Shubhra to stay her ground and feel her emotions fully. Shubhra needs to give herself some time to process this big betrayal that she has faced and also plan on what she does next. Manasi is strong-headed so she could advise her to not go along with Soham’s fake marriage and instead focus on herself and tell her family what she discovered. Manasi will want Shubhra to be treated right and the only way to do this is if Shubhra breaks her silence and steps away from Soham!

What else do you think these two could tell each other?

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