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Aggabai Sunbai: With Shubhra Being Heartbroken, Will The Stranger Bring In A New Love Twist In Her Life?

Tanvi Rumale

May 5, 2021

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In Aggabai Sunbai, could the stranger who saved Shubhra’s life become a guiding force to her free self?

In Aggabai Sunbai, Shubhra’s eyes have finally been opened to her husband’s adulterous ways and she is unable to bear the pain of the truth. In the recent episode, we saw how shocked Shubhra was after finding out that her husband was seeing his secretary and he was badmouthing his wife. She decided to end her life and even climbed up the highest building to jump off it. Just then, a mysterious and interesting stranger showed up and told her that he’d jump with her!

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This stranger stands next to Shubhra and pretends that he wants to jump too. He asks her if she’s sure about ending her life and if there really is no reason for her to stay. Shubhra just cries and decides to jump, so this man holds her hand and jumps with her. But instead of jumping forward, he jumps backwards, thereby making Shubhra and him fall on the terrace floor.

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Shubhra begins to cry and asks him why he saved her. He asks her to go jump if she is ready to. Just then Shubhra hears a child cry and is reminded of Shubham. Then she realises what she was about to do and hurries home. The stranger is worried that she might put herself in danger, so he insists on dropping her.

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The stranger seems charming and inquisitive when it comes to Shubhra. He instinctively understands her and is seemingly also kind while being smart too. In Zee Marathi’s latest promo, we see the stranger again, this time Shubhra is with Shubham!


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Has this new stranger entered Shubhra’s life for good? We think that this character is extremely interesting and the way he handles the troublesome Shubham is praise-worthy. He could very well be the guiding force in Shubhra getting back her independence from her marriage with Soham.

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They also seemed to look good together and we think that if they interacted when Shubhra wasn’t going through such a huge inner turmoil, we might see some great chemistry too! Will he become Shubhra’s new love interest after she ends things with Soham? We know for sure that they will look good together, and they will make a great couple who understand each other too! Only time will tell what happens though!

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