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7 OTT Characters Who Deserved A Better Ending Like Kunal From His Storyy

Vatsal Thakore

May 10, 2021

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Take a look at the list of ZEE5 characters who deserved a much better ending than what they got in their shows.

Often times while watching a show or a movie, we get so deeply connected with the characters, that we start empathizing with them and their journeys. And when these characters meet fateful ends to their journeys, we can’t help but feel sad about it. With that thought, here is a list of characters from some ZEE5 shows, who deserved a better ending to their journeys than the one they got. Have a look at these names…


Kunal – His Storyy

Source: A still from the show

His Storyy is a drama series that revolves around a man, Kunal, and his two lives: his married life and his love life. In the series, Kunal is married to Sakshi and is leading a perfect married life, but he is in love with Preet. The two, while maintaining their secret affair, often discuss getting together officially. However, in the end, when it is finally about to happen, Preet realises he does not want to marry Kunal and leaves him hanging. After seeing Kunal go through so much pain in the show, we wanted him to have a good ending, but alas!


Anurag – Dev DD 2

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The web series Dev DD 2 revolves around the life of Devika Dharam Dwivedi, who is trying to deal with her broken heart, love life, and a lot of other things. We also see her dealing with a turmoil that revolves around Anurag, one of her ex-lovers. Anurag is heading an investigation in the show, trying to bust a female foeticide racket, while also trying to give the best life to his daughter, and deal with his turmoil revolving around Devika. However, the investigation he is leading, makes him meet a fateful end in the show, leaving the audiences sad and thinking that he deserved better.

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Boris – Paurashpur

Source: A still from the show

Boris in Paurashpur is a rebellious and fearless character, who is working towards saving the queens of the kingdom from the ruler’s tyranny. Boris’ fearlessness and the act of saving all the queens from the sadist king, makes him one of the most favourite characters of the show. However, at the end of the show when Boris realises that his lover was killed by Queen Meerawati, and is proceeding to kill her, he gets mysteriously killed by someone else. Because of the bravado that we see in Boris throughout the show, the end makes us feel that he deserved a better ending.


Rama Shetty – Mum Bhai

Source: A still from the show

Rama Shetty in Mum Bhai was a gangster who had traits of philanthropy in him. He helped a little kid named Bhaskar Shetty get a job and become a cop when he was in his worst times. Bhaskar grew up to become an encounter specialist, who wanted to eradicate crime and gangsters from his city. Near the end, this brought him face to face with his Godfather, Rama Shetty. A misunderstanding led him to believe that Rama was going to kill him, which made him kill his Godfather. However, we later found out that Rama was only trying to help Bhaskar one more time, making us feel sad about his fate.

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Kajal – Crashh

A still from the show

Kajal in Crashh is one of the most selfless and sacrificing characters that we have seen. When she was a kid and was with her siblings in an orphanage, she let her younger sister get adopted by a wealthy and well-to-do family, when they had actually asked for Kajal. When Kajal got adopted, she dealt with a lot of hardships and did not get to live a peaceful life. In the end, Kajal ends up getting arrested for a crime that she did not commit, making her life even worse.


Chitra – LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors

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Chitra is a junior doctor in the show LSD: Love, Scandal & Doctors, which revolves around a mysterious murder case in a hospital. When the interns of the hospital become the prime suspects of the murder, the case begins taking darker turns. In the end, we see that the dean of the hospital was the main culprit, but the cold and cunning person that he was, puts the entire blame on his daughter, Chitra, who had found out the truth. Due to the sins of her father, Chitra had to accept the false blame and proceed to kill herself.


Col. Choudhary – Jeet Ki Zid

Source: ZEE5 Instagram

Jeet Ki Zid is a show that is based on the life of a Kargil war hero, Major Deependra Singh Sengar. The show displays his journey of getting back his ability to walk after a grave war injury had left him bound to a wheelchair. In the show, the Major takes help from his mentor, Col. Choudhary, who was shown to be an extremely harsh trainer. Col. Choudhary used to make his cadets go through torturous training, to prepare them for the worst-case scenario. However, this act of his gets him fired from the army, as some of his cadets and seniors don’t consider his ways acceptable.

Knowing the reasons why Col. Choudhary wanted to train his cadets in that way and seeing how his methods actually got Major Sengar to get back on his feet, we all were definitely left thinking that Col. Choudhary deserved better than to get fired.

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