His Storyy: 5 Reasons That Led Kunal To Open Up About His Sexuality After 20 Longs Years!

After committing himself for 20 years in a marriage, Kunal finally decided to accept his truth. Here’s what led him to confront his reality!

With the emergence of OTT platforms, the content has become more realistic with showrunners invested in marginalized sections of cinema. And this has led to the prominence of stories about characters with diverse sexualities. While earlier, the LGBTQ characters were meant for a few laughs, the new-age stories are aiming for a societal change. Saying so, ZEE5’s latest release His Storyy presents the viewers with a very sensitive take on a man dealing with his sexuality.

The show revolves around the story of Kunal (Satyadeep Misra) and Sakshi’s (Priyamani) perfect married life. Their relationship crumbles after the latter gets aware of her husband’s sexuality. While the show perfectly capture’s Kunal’s conflicted journey, it also gives us an in-depth insight into Sakshi’s dilemma. And these several aspects of the story make His Storyy one of the best LGBTQ shows ever made in Indian Cinema. Rather than being preachy, the makers chose a subtle way to convey their message.

And one of those subtle story arcs was Kunal’s life story. After committing himself for 20 years in a marriage, he finally decides to accept his truth. This ‘character study’ of Kunal makes the show an intriguing watch.

And as we are talking about it, here’s taking a look at 5 reasons that led Kunal to take such an important decision after 20 long years.

A Well-Settled’ Future For Sakshi

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Sakshi owned a chain of renowned restaurants in the city. And ultimately, life was on well-settled terms for Kunal, Sakshi, and their children. And thus keeping that in mind, Kunal finally decided to open up to Sakshi about his hidden past. When Sakshi discovered Kunal’s affair with Preet (Mrinal Dutt), she thought of it as no less than Kunal’s sexual fantasy. And if needed Kunal would have lived with that lie. However, he confronts Sakshi with the truth. 

He was well-aware that Sakshi would have been a sole guide for upbringing their children. Also, their business was flourishing well. And this made Kunal finally take a firm decision considering Sakshi’s future was monetarily stabled. 

His Love For Preet

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The dual life of Kunal was not only creating problems for him but was also leading to conflicts in his relationship with Preet. They both shared a loving and understanding bond with each other. And thus Preet never forcibly urged Kunal to break out of his marriage with Sakshi. However, their secret relationship bound with many restrictions was taking a toll on them.

And considering his love for Preet, Kunal took the much-needed decision which changed his life for good.

Kids Were Matured

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The talks about one’s sexuality have seeped into familial discussions amid the happenings in schools. While Kunal’s eldest son Shivaay was more orthodox, Shlok had an inspiring outlook towards the same. In the beginning, the truth about Kunal’s sexuality was only known to Sakshi. However, Kunal made it a point to make his children aware of this truth quite sensibly.

Though after long 20 years, it was quite bold of Kunal to live up to his reality.

Confronting The Reality!

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Kunal had been escaping his real identity for almost many years since his marriage. While he earlier believed that time would change everything, it definitely created more problems for him. Also, he had realized that his lack of attention for Sakshi had disappointed her. And taking into consideration his personal trauma, Kunal made the right move to confront his reality.

The Need Of Living For Himself

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Staying away from the love of his life, Preet, and suffering the dilemma of dual lives, Kunal’s life had turned into a complete mess. After suffering a lot, Kunal finally took a step for the sake of his happiness. And eventually, that helped him change everything for good. While his ex-wife Sakshi supported him in his decision, Kunal also never drew back from his familial responsibilities towards his children. Ultimately, life was back on track for Kunal.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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