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6 Unusual Friendships In OTT Shows That We Didn’t See It Coming

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May 7, 2021

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Whatever the case may be, these character duos from ZEE5 originals brought an unexpected twist to the drama and we were quite stunned to witness their friendships.

Character duos in movies/shows are really an interesting cinematic element that the audience adores. And when these duos are embodied with a bond of friendship, it certainly makes the drama more interesting. Be it, Salman Khan-Aamir Khan in Andaz Apna Apna, or Saif Ali Khan- Anil Kapoor in the Race series, there have been many popular duos we have loved. However, in the new-age dramas, odd friendship bonds have been quite a noteworthy aspect of the story. And ZEE5 has treated us with many such interesting character equations.

While these unusual alliances added an intriguing touch to the drama, they also went on to become fan-favourites. In the stories with tragic settings, two conflicting personalities became close confidantes. Meanwhile, in some stories, the characters understood each other and came to terms with unusual friendship.  Whatever the case may be, these character duos from ZEE5 originals brought an unexpected twist to the drama. And fans love them!

So, here’s taking a look at 6 friendship bonds in ZEE5 shows that we never saw coming.

Sakshi And Preet from His Story

Source: ZEE5

Though Sakshi and Preet shared a great bond from the beginning, their relationship was more like friends-with-benefit. It was limited to their workplace, especially when Preet had to review Sakshi’s restaurants, etc. And when Saskhi got aware of her husband Kunal’s love affair with Preet, there sure was no hope of them getting to good terms again. 

However, when Sakshi accepted the truth of Kunal’s life, she ultimately became a guiding light for him in his hard time. Also, when Preet was beaten up by goons, he didn’t reveal the culprit’s name who was none other than Sakshi-Kunal’s son Shivaay. And this made her respect Preet even more. And thus began a sweet and real bond of friendship between the two.

Daisy And ACP Abhimanyu from Dark 7 White

Source: ZEE5

The biggest twist in the whodunnit Dark 7 White was during the climax when ACP Abhimanyu and Daisy’s unexpected alliance came to the surface. While the viewers were invested in guessing the culprit, the last-minute twist left them by surprise. The investigating officer Abhimanyu was himself involved in Yudhveer’s murder. 

Getting along with Daisy, they both were a step ahead of everyone. And thus planned a perfect murder. At the end, their alliance saved them from all the troubles and also got them in ‘power’.

Kartik And Sara from Love, Scandal and Doctors

Source: ZEE5

In the competitive medical field, five interns were battling against each other to prove their self-worth. That was the crux of the medical crime thriller Love, Scandal and Doctors. In the plot, we saw an unusual friendship blossoming between Kartik and Sara which also later morphed into love. Their relationship began as banter and that chemistry was sustained till the pre-climax scene.

However, when Kartik gets aware of Sara’s tragic life, an unusual friendship forms between the two. And that made for another interesting twist in this thrilling saga.

Rahim And Alia

Source: ZEE5

Rahim and Alia were siblings by blood. However, unaware of this truth, they both were connected as a servant and master. Rahim worked as a driver for Alia but their relationship was not bound to usual notions of master-servant. Unexpectedly, they formed a great bond of friendship during the end of the first season. This happened when Alia got aware that she was an adopted kid. 

And rather than her close friends, she chose to talk it out in front of Rahim. This led to a heartwarming friendship between the two.

Nawab And Inspector Rajan from Main Hero Bol Raha Hoon

Source: ZEE5

Nawab, an aspiring gangster experienced his first encounter with the law when Inspector Rajan vowed to take him down. And the latter succeeded too. However, as the story paced ahead, we saw an interesting ability of Nawab to get people on his side. Using his sugary-coated talks, he got Inspector Rajan on his side. 

And this unusual alliance paved a way for Nawab’s success in the world of crime. This was one of the most interesting aspects of the show.

Kajal And Rishav from Crassh

Source: ZEE5

Kajal and Rishav from Crashh were quite similar to each other. Both these characters enjoyed and loved their solitude. However, being on the opposite sides of life, made them hate each other. Especially Kajal, who hated Rishav as he was Alia’s best friend. Well, as the story processed further, we saw them forming a bond of friendship. Though they were not closer to each other, they had their moments which fans loved.

For instance, Kajal and Rishav sitting in a closed bar, talking about the tragedies of their life, etc. Their relationship might be explored more in the second season of the show.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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