8 Deep And Eye-Opening Quotes from His Storyy That Will Have A Lasting Impact On Your Mind

Find all the unforgettable and remarkable quotes from His Storyy here starring Priyamani, Satyadeep Misra and Mrinal Dutt.

ZEE5’s latest web series, His Storyy is a drama about a marriage that goes wrong after the husband’s homosexuality gets exposed. Kunal (Satyadeep Misra) and Preet (Mrinal Dutt) move in together once the Kunal separates from Sakshi (Priyamani) and they embark on a journey of untangling different issues with their children, their business, their friends and their personal equation as well.

Watch the first episode of His Storyy here:

As the show comes with a plethora of characters, their ruminations and problems, it is filled with remarkable dialogues that will make you want to pause and rethink the words that have been just uttered. Here are a few of them.

When Kunal talked about his sexuality:

Source: ZEE5

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When Sakshi admitted how parents affect their children in their own “unique ways”:

Source: ZEE5

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The show widely focuses on the thin and blurry line between right and wrong, and this dialogue of Kunal’s summarises it!

Source: ZEE5

Jhanvi’s sound advice about facing one’s truth when she was talking to Ved!

Source: ZEE5

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When Kunal talked about how different does not necessarily mean abnormal:

Source: ZEE5

As Kunal juggles between his lover and his family with Sakshi, it gets tough for Preet:

Source: ZEE5

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When Sakshi uncovers her husband’s affair and its truth, she breaks down. She decides to leave because she believes that her marriage does not have room for three people:

Source: ZEE5

But one of the most beautiful lines on the show is delivered by Ved when he talks about the truth of oneself.

Source: ZEE5

Which was your favourite dialogue among these?

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