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What would happen if Chembarathi’s Vilasini and Pookalam Varavayi’s Saudamini changed places?

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May 15, 2021

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With them living different lives while being in similar positions, here’s what we think would happen if Saudamini and Vilasini swapped places and shows.

Zee Keralam shows have some of the best villains and it certainly adds to the experience. Creating many interesting twists and adding some spice to the stories, these characters with negative intentions make these shows entertaining. While Chembarathi has the ruthless Priyanka, Pookalam Varavayi has the outright evil Sharmila. However, these villains wouldn’t be as successful if it weren’t for their sidekicks and their crooked plans. While Sharmila has the goofy Saudamini, Priyanka has the evil Vilasini. Let’s have a look at what would happen if these two evenly placed side villains swap their places in shows.

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Sharmila is probably the scariest villain out there. She is ruthless and cunning and thus being her sidekick doesn’t offer much space to shine. Saudamini is a loyal friend to Sharmila and she is always by her side. From cooking up the evil plans to executing what Sharmila has in mind, she knows how to get things done. However, Sharmila is not all praise for Saudamini as she has a proven clumsy character who goofs up plans from time to time.

Saudamini in Pookalam Varvayi (Source: ZEE5)

On the other hand, Vilasini could be a good villain herself. She is well-placed in the family and presents herself right. She knows how to plan and execute moves on her own but is always open to help. She knows Priyanka better than anyone and that makes her a better handyman than a sidekick. From helping Priyanka plan moves to leaking information for her, she is perfect in her role, earning herself high regards from Priyanka.

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Even though the characters share the same purpose and position in the families they live in, they are two totally different people. If they switched places, there are more chances of things going the wrong way than intended. Saudamini could swap her place with Vilasini and end up at Trichambarath, but there are few chances that Priyanka accepts her as her sidekick. Priyanka respects sharp minds and it is obvious that Saudamini’s goofiness will land her in trouble from time to time. Considering Akhila and Anand’s cunningness, Saudamini wouldn’t last more than a few days at Trichambarath and will be kicked out of position.

Vilasini in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Meanwhile, Vilasini would fit perfectly at Kalapurackal. She will blend in so good, that she might even take some pressure off Sharmila. Vilasini is sharp enough to plan and execute moves on her own and this will make her a bit troublesome for the family. Since Samyuktha and Sapthathi are softer and more vulnerable characters compared to people at Trichambarath, Vilasini would find it a walk in the park. It is not wrong to say that even Ashokan will have a tough time in front of Vilasini’s crooked plans.

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