From Chembarathi’s Priyanka to Pookalam Varavayi’s Sharmila, here are some of the most dangerous villains

Here are some of the worst negative characters from our favourite Malayalam TV shows. Whom do you dislike the most?

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February 6, 2021



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A good show is never complete without a good villain and our favourite Malayalam shows have some of the best. Creating many interesting twists and adding some spice to the stories, these characters with negative intentions make these shows super entertaining. From Priyanka, who planted a bomb to finish off everyone at Thrichambarath to Satheeshan, who is outright fraud, here are some of the worst villains we all hate to see on our favourite serials.

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Priyanka- Chembarathi

If this was a competition, it is safe to say that Priyanka from Chembarathi would have won it hands down. The cruel woman has only one aim in life and will do anything to destroy the Thrichambarath family. Unlike all other bad characters in the show, Priyanka is fearless, and she is arguably the only person capable of landing straight blows at the powerful Akhilandeshwari. She is driven by hatred and her courage to even draw a gun, makes her one of the worst and scariest villains ever. Her mind games using Ganga are a danger that cannot be foreseen.

Priyanka with Ganga and Jayanthi in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Satheeshan- Sathya Enna Penkutty

Satheeshan from Sathya Enna Penkutty has given us ample reasons to hate him, after coming on with multiple evil plans against Sathya and Sudhi. His mind games are so good that even the smart Sathya fell for him a couple of times. However, what truly makes him scary is the fact that he has Sudhi’s trust, who is not aware of Satheeshan’s dark intentions. He comes off as one of the worst villains as he aims to hurt the very family which loves him.

Satheeshan in Sathya Enna Penkutty (Source : ZEE5)

Sharmila- Pookalam Varavayi

Sharmila from Pookalam Varavayi proves that no one including a mother figure can be blindly trusted. It is quite unbelievable how she got away after killing Abhimanyu’s parents and to date pretends to be a maternal figure for him. She is cunningly manipulative and thus, one of the worst yet interesting characters to watch. With Ashokan’s re-entry into the family, it is a waiting game to see what Sharmila cooks up next and whom she aims it for.

Sharmila in Pookalam Varavayi (Source: ZEE5)

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Vilasini- Chembarathi

Vilasini is one of those characters who never give up. Even with multiple fails in a row, Vilasini’s evil plans keep on coming. Often sidelined as a fool, she is a scary character many oversee. Even though her plans fail, her ability to shrink to any level of nastiness makes her the worst. From pouring hot water over Kalyani’s legs to stealing the ancestral chain, she has proved that she is ready to go to any extent to get what she wants.

Vilasini in Chembarathi (Source : ZEE5)

Baiju- Sathya Enna Penkutty

Baiju has one thing on his mind and that is his success in grabbing power over the family. His greed makes him one of the villains on the show. Even though supported by his wife Sujitha, he doesn’t disclose the full extent of his actions or plans to her as she is unaware of how low Baiju can go.

Baiju in Sathya Enna Penkutty (Source: ZEE5)

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