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Throwback Thursday: Ahead of Gadadhar Chattopadhyay’s wedding in Rani Rashmoni, delve deeper into the glorious Sarada Devi

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 21, 2021

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Here are a few things you should know about Sarada Devi as she enters our lives on Rani Rashmoni.

Rani Rashmoni stars popular Bengali actors such as Ditipriya Roy as Rani Maa, Gourab Chatterjee as Mathurbabu and Sourav Saha as Gadadhar Chattopadhyay in lead roles. Gadadhar’s character, which would later become famous as the legendary Shri Ramakrishna Deb, is soon to be married to Sarada Devi on the show. As little Sarada steps into our lives on the show, here are a few little things about the great mystic, Sarada Devi.

Here’s what last happened on Rani Rashmoni:

Born in 1853, Sarada Devi got married to Shri Ramakrishna at a very tender age. As it happened to be in those days, the latter was twenty-three years old during the nuptial. Sarada Devi was eventually addressed as Shri Shri Maa by all of Shri Ramakrishna’s disciples and other followers of his practices. Many followers of the Ramakrishna Movement perceive Sarada Devi as the embodiment of Adi Parashakti and worship her as so.

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Sarada Devi became a symbol and an inspiration for many women of further generations to follow her in the path of monasticism as a way of life. She also played a huge and crucial role in Shri Ramakrishna’s prosperity in his spiritual journey and in its growth. While Sarada Devi’s birthplace was the village Joyrambati in what is now the district of Bankura, West Bengal, she moved to Dakshineshwar Kali Temple in Kolkata after her marriage to Gadadhar Chattopadhyay. She was also known to have been the first-ever disciple of Shri Ramakrishna.

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When she lived in Dakshineshwar, she stayed in a tiny room in the ‘nahabat,’ the music tower, in the temple. She used to begin her days early in the morning at 3 am. After cleansing herself in the Hooghly river, she would meditate until dawn. Other than meditation and devotional time, she spent her days cooking for her husband and the ever-increasing number of devotees at the temple.

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Sarada Devi spent most of her life going back and forth between her birthplace Joyrambati and Dakshineshwar Temple. She served her husband in his last days and took the utmost possible care of him. She had visions of him wanting her to not dress like a widow, after his passing. Later, Sarada went onto a North-Indian pilgrimage to Benaras, Ayodhya and Vrindavan where she was mainly accompanied by her women disciples.

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