Thirumathi Hitler’s Hasini Deserves Way More Credit From AJ For The Following Reasons

Thirumathi Hitler’s Hasini deserves all the praises in the world for what she did, and here’s why we think so!

Bhavna Gandikota

May 3, 2021



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Thiruamthi Hilter‘s Hasini saved the day, as she disclosed to AJ that his restaurant’s food was being used elsewhere. She told him that the food he was donating to charity was actually being used for wrongful purposes. We think that she did a great job of bringing a big issue to his notice, and she deserved way more credit than she got for it!

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She saved the restaurant from huge losses 

Hasini’s discovery made sure that the restaurant is saved from huge losses in the future. There was a possibility that people would only go to the fast-food place, and not go to AJ’s Restaurant because the food there is cheaper. There also could have been rumours that AJ orders food from this fast-food eat-out to feed his customers, and this would tarnish his reputation.

She had no reason to do it 

She could have easily denied that the food was from AJ’s restaurant after showing him the bill. However, she went to the extent of explaining everything to him, even after knowing that AJ could dismiss it because he doesn’t believe her. She put herself through the risk of being seen as a liar, just to save AJ’s restaurant from being tarnished.

AJ in Thirumathi Hilter
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She made sure that she had all the evidence

She made sure that she had all the proof that she needed to prove that the eat-out was stealing from AJ and using his food to earn some money. AJ wouldn’t have to do any work to solve the mystery, as she even made sure to tell them how they were getting the food. She was thorough and came through with the address of the place that was selling the food too!

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