Thirumathi Hitler: Here’s Proof That AJ’s Mother Can Be Just As Dramatic As All Mothers

As Thirumathi Hitler’s Jayyamma tries to convince AJ to sit in a pooja, she also proved that she is as dramatic as all mothers.

Bhavna Gandikota

April 16, 2021



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If AJ from Thirumathi Hitler, was to ever come in front of you in real life, we are sure you would be a little intimidated because of how he carries himself. However, even ‘Hitler’ has no cards to play if his mother is in the picture. The latest spoiler will confirm the same as you watch how Jayyamma tries to convince AJ that he and Hasini should perform the rituals and the puja.

Watch the spoiler for the next episode of Thirumathi Hitler right here!

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Playing with everything she can

When she tries telling AJ why the puja is good for him and he should do it, he did not seem convinced enough, which is why she did not mind sweet-talking him into doing it. She was very patient with all the points that AJ had to raise and tried telling him sweetly, why he should do it. Isn’t this exactly how most mothers start off?

Exaggerating a little

When she saw that AJ was not going to listen to her if she spoke to him sweetly, she started shouting and crying at AJ, almost as if she was guilting him into doing it. What is a mother’s blackmail without telling her children that they can go do what they want! This is exactly what Jayyamma resorted to next and told AJ how he never values her opinion. This certainly was the second step to her getting what she wants!

AJ and Jayyamma in Thirumathi Hitler
Source: ZEE5

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Making sure that AJ does what she wants

While we thought that she was upset, we saw her walk out of the room and smile, because she knew that this tactic would work on AJ like it always does. We are sure that AJ and Hasini will end up sitting for the puja, after every trick that Jayyamma played with them. To see that AJ’s mother would also get away with these tricks and it would work on someone so stoic is refreshing.

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