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Sushant Singh Reveals 36 Lesser Known Things About Him In This Exclusive Interview On Unboxed With ZEE5

Vatsal Thakore

February 8, 2021

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Did you the Jeet Ki Zid actor was born as Sushant Choudhary? He opens up about his life and his experience in working with ZEE5 in this exclusive interaction.

Today we interviewed Sushant Singh, the amazing and talented actor, who has been in the Hindi film industry since 1998. Besides films, he has also given noteworthy performances in television shows. He has starred in films like Rakhta Charitra, Matrubhoomi and Sehar. Sushant Singh also made his digital debut with the show Rangbaaz on ZEE5. Very recently he starred as Colonel Chowdhary in the show Jeet Ki Zid, for which he has received a lot of praise. To know more about him and his experience in the show, we asked him some questions. Have a look at what the actor shared.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Sushant Singh said that if it’s a morning shoot, then he becomes a morning person but otherwise he is a night person.

Tea or coffee?

The actor said that he prefers black coffee in the morning and tea in the evening.

Gym or yoga?

Sushant Singh said that he prefers gym but needs to begin yoga soon because he thinks he’s ageing.

Your favourite song to get you in the groove for morning or night?

He said that there are two songs that are his most favourite, in any part of the day. They are ‘Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya’ and ‘Rajnigandha phool tumhaare’. He also shared that his wife sings the latter very beautifully, so it is their special song.

What is the last thing that you bought under Rs 100?

Sushant Singh shared that it was a toll ticket for the Dahisar naka in Mumbai, which he bought for Rs 35.

When was the last time you used public transport?

He said that recently he had used the local train to travel from Andheri to Churchgate.

What is the one thing you never leave home without?

The actor said that he never leaves home without his reading glasses. He said that earlier it used to be his mobile and his books but now he needs his reading glasses to use both of those things.

What is the one thing that makes you angry?

He shared that lies make him angry. He also said, “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, this is the biggest mistake. Say sorry and move on.”

What is the biggest lie you’ve been told?

“That life is fair,” said Sushant Singh.


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One bad habit of yours that no one knows about?

The actor said, “I’m lazy. I was recently shooting for another show and the cast and crew were playing some sports. And I couldn’t play one of the few sports they played. Then they said to me that looking at me it seems that I’d be a coach of all the sports. But that’s not true. I play very few sports. I am good at boxing, though.”

Have you ever used your star status to get away?

The actor said that he has never done it. He shared that he actually feels embarrassed when someone asks him to jump a queue, even at an airport. He said he then insists on not doing that.

What is your cheat meal?

Sushant Singh shared that he is very desi at heart, so his cheat meal is homemade rajma chawal, kadhi chawal, or khichdi. He also said that he would also prefer some desi ghee jalebis.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

The Jeet Ki Zid actor said that his ideal date would be just him and his wife at a quiet place, in the hills in winter, with a bonfire and peace.

What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for your wife?

“Quite a few. I’ve surprised her a lot. I would tell her that my shoot has gotten extended and then land up early at home. Or I’d send a surprise ticket to her to join me in my outdoor shoot,” shared Sushant Singh.


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Love is _?

“Life. Every form of love, whether it is friendship, family, a romantic relationship, pets, or nature, is life,” said Sushant Singh.

What is the best comment that you have received on social media?

To this, the actor had a really beautiful answer. He said, “A lot of the viewers and fans say ‘thank you for entertaining us’ on social media. And I feel that that’s a lovely compliment. It gives me so much energy. It also makes me humble that somebody invested their time in watching us. The time you can’t get back, unlike money. And a ‘thank you for entertaining us’ comment means that we’ve given them their time’s worth. It is great and makes me want to go on.”

What is the best comment that you received for your role in Jeet Ki Zid?

He said that he received many comments from the army aspirants. “They say their confidence has risen. One boy said that his SSB interview is on the 8th of Feb and that watching this series magnified his confidence for it. That felt great,” Sushant Singh said.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

The actor said that he loves hills, so his favourite destinations are Mussourie, Leh Ladakh, and Switzerland. And he further shared that there is a small town named Mukteshwar in Kumaon, in Uttarakhand, which he has loved since his childhood.


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Life in one word?

“Love,” Sushant Singh said.

What is your favourite quote that you live by?

“Never give up. And I think now ‘Jeet Ki Zid’ is the new mantra,” he said.

If not an actor, what would you be?

Sushant Singh said that if not an actor, he would be a teacher of literature.

If this was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

He said that he would spend it with his family at home.

Your favourite superhero?

To this, the actor said, “Batman tops among the many favourites because he is human, he has no powers, and that’s great. And he is grey, not black and white. Then, maybe Iron Man because he is on the same line as Batman.”

What is the strangest rumour that you have heard about yourself?

Sushant Singh shared an interesting story about this question. He said, “After I did the film Samay with Sushmita Sen, immediately after, I also did Paisa Vasool with her. This was because the hero who had initially signed for that film had quit. So the producer and the director asked me for the role and I agreed. Next thing I knew, my sister called me up, saying that one Hindi film-tabloid in the North had printed that I and Sushmita are dating and that’s why I got two films with her.”


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What is the one thing that you’re guilty of?

The actor said that he procrastinates a lot. He also said that he is guilty of spending too much time on social media. And he said that whenever he is out to buy things while buying namkeens or sweets for the home, he buys too much quantity, for which he ends up getting scolded at home.

What is your biggest regret?

He shared that he does not regret anything. He believes that every choice and experience teaches something, so there should be no regrets.

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What is a cause that is the closest to your heart?

The actor believes in fighting for the people who are not able to fight for themselves.

Have you ever thought of changing your name or its spelling?

To this question, Sushant Singh shared another interesting story. He said, “The only time I changed my name was when I was in 2nd standard. My name actually is Sushant Choudhary. I didn’t like it, I did not like revealing my cast, so I told my dad that I want to be called Sushant Kumar, which is neutral. My dad agreed. So I was Sushant Kumar till my first film, Satya. Then someone told me that it sounded very quaint. Naam mein vazan nai tha. So I agreed and ended up choosing Sushant Singh. The second change created problems because the documents were all by the name of Sushant Kumar. Now I live with a lot of names, Sushant Singh, Sushant Kumar Singh, Sushant Kumar, and whatnot.”

Describe yourself in 3 words

“Stubborn, lazy and yet a perfectionist,” he said.

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What was your initial reaction on hearing the Jeet Ki Zid script?

“I felt that it is a very nice script but my role is not big, so I was going to say no. But then I met the director and the writer and heard their version, and realized I was wrong,” he said. 

One Jeet Ki Zid co-star you would want to work with again?

Sushant Singh said that he would love working with Amit Sadh again. He said that Amit is very passionate, talented, and hard-working. He also said that he had a very good time working with him and is looking forward to being with him in front of the camera again.

One good thing about Amit that not many people know?

Sushant Singh shared that Amit Sadh has a brutal honesty with which he looks back at his life.

What is the biggest lesson that you learnt from this series?

He said that he learnt that nothing is impossible. “Life of Major Sengar is eye-opening, yet the man is so humble. So determination and humility were what I learnt,” the actor said.

Your favourite dialogue from Jeet Ki Zid?

Sushant Singh said that his favourite dialogue from Jeet Ki Zid is his own, which is, ‘F*cking loser!’ He said that he initially did not realise that this line was used in so many different ways in the show and it later became the signature of Col. Chowdhary.

What was the most challenging scene to shoot in Jeet Ki Zid?

“A montage with just me and Amit where Col. Chowdhary is trying to make him stand up. It was shot within an hour or two but to give variations to both the characters in that span of time, was a challenge of its own,” said Sushant Singh, who plays Col. Chowdhary in Jeet Ki Zid.


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What was your Jeet Ki Zid moment in life?

The actor shared his story about the moment. He said, “This was when I had just come to Bombay and my career had not yet started. Director Chetan Anand was making his comeback as a director. He had signed me as the actor, and producer had also agreed. After 6 months of being in the film, I was thrown out because the producer thought that for a romantic hero, my nose is too big. I went into depression for quite sometime after that. Then I thought it’s fine that this happened to me because this is the worst that the industry can do to me, make me a zero from a hero, in six months. Then I decided that I’ll stay and try harder and I did.”

3 reasons to watch Jeet Ki Zid?

Sushant Singh said that there is one big reason to watch. He said, “Life is hard for everyone. Everyone falls in life, no matter how big, but you get back up again and you become a winner or a hero in your own eyes. So it is not just about the armed forces. Jeet Ki Zid is about life and that everybody falls down. Heroes, more than everyone else. But they refuse to stay down, they get back up. And we call them heroes, write stories about them. Jeet Ki Zid is about life and that’s the biggest reason.”

Which role did you like more, Rangbaaz or Jeet Ki Zid?

“Those are two totally different stories about totally different people. But I would say that for my performance, watch Rangbaaz first then watch Jeet Ki Zid and see the transformation. And I’m older in Jeet Ki Zid, so that order fits. Or maybe watch Jeet Ki Zid first and then Rangbaaz to feel that I’m still young. Either way works,” the actor answered.

If you would write another book, what would it be about?

Sushant Singh said that for now, he would not write another book. He said that it is too hard, and requires too much time and discipline, so as of now, he is happy being an actor and not thinking of writing another book.


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How has your experience been, working with ZEE5?

Sharing that his experience has been fantastic, Sushant Singh also said, “ZEE5 has given us astounding things. Rangbaaz was my first experience. And there was no creative interference. Also, the marketing team is fabulous. The way they are promoting Jeet Ki Zid and all the other programs, one can confidently say that ZEE5 is the leader in Indian originals.”

Watch Sushant Singh in Rangbaaz and Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5.

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