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Jeet Ki Zid: 5 Things We Learned About The Indian Army From Amit Sadh’s New ZEE5 Show

Vatsal Thakore

February 2, 2021

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Here are some rarely known things that Amit Sadh’s Jeet Ki Zid showed us about the Indian Army.

Amit Sadh recently starred in the biography series, Jeet Ki Zid. Based on the real story of a Kargil war hero, Major Deependra Singh Sengar, the series shows us his journey in the Indian Army and his fight to get back on his feet. Major Deependra Singh Sengar, after getting severely injured in the Kargil war, was left bound to a wheelchair. Later, with the support of his wife, Jaya Sengar, he was able to walk again. The series tells us a lot about his life, journey and also some things about the Indian Army that we never knew. Read on to know some of those things.

The ‘Special Forces’

The real Major Deependra Singh Sengar and his wife, Jaya Sengar, after each episode of Jeet Ki Zid, share a little story about their life. About the Special Forces, Major Sengar shares that it is a volunteer organization. The candidates for the Forces are selected from the Army itself. He also shares that the Special Forces, in small groups, work very closely behind the enemy troops to take them down. Since that increases the chance of them getting captured, it is necessary that the officers in SF be not only physically strong but also mentally strong.

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The Harsh Training

In Jeet Ki Zid we see the officers, including Deep Sengar (Amit Sadh), undergo some extremely harsh and torturous training exercises. Major Sengar reveals that this is because since the Special Forces work closely behind the enemy troops, there is always a risk of them getting captured. The enemy troops might then torture them for information. To prepare for such a scenario, the harsh and tortuous training becomes necessary, to make the officers mentally prepared.


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An Operation Involving Civilians

In the first episode, we see Major Sengar take down some terrorists who had kept some civilians hostage. The real Major Sengar then shares that in such operations, where civilians are involved, they mostly need to use their presence of mind and also use an element of surprise. This helps in saving the civilians and also take down the terrorists at the same time.

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A Soldier’s Life

Jaya Sengar, after an episode, shares that she had always wanted to marry an Army man. She says that when she shared it with Major Sengar before their engagement, he had cautioned her that the situation might get very tough at times. He had said that there may come situations where they might not get to live in a house and would have to live in a tent for some time. He had said that there might even be situations where he would not be home with her for months. This just tells us the amount of sacrifice that is involved in a soldier’s life.

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The War Widows Belt

Jaya Sengar had also shared this story of when Major Sengar had gotten injured in the Kargil war. She shared that she belongs to the Shergarh belt, which is known for the war widows. She shared the famous story of her great grandfather, that when he once went to war and did not return, her great grandmother refused to accept that she was a widow because she had not seen his corpse yet. And like a blessing, her great grandfather did return.

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