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Suryavamsam: While Samantha’s Integrity Was Questioned, We Have Enough Reason To Believe In Her Innocence

Bhavna Gandikota

January 21, 2021

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While there might be many reasons to believe that Samantha may have committed theft, there are bigger reasons to believe that she hasn’t.

One of the most endearing people from the Suryavamsam universe has to be Samantha. She does everything in her capacity to keep the people around her happy and even if she does not have to which is why when she was accused of theft. We knew right away that she isn’t capable of committing a robbery. To begin with, she flies to her mother’s maternal home just to bring them closer to her mother. She lives amongst people that she has never known just to make her mother happy.

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Although they are very different from her, in many aspects , she does not judge them or look down upon them. Samantha has completely different motives to be there and money is not even on the list. Samantha is a competent human being and can earn money by fair means. If there had been even the smallest chance for her to steal the jewellery, we know for a fact that Shankar would not have bailed her out.

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Her honest nature is the reason that she has even gotten this close to a family she is supposed to be a stranger to. Even after knowing that her Annamalai despises her mother. She instantly forgives her grandmother for this and works towards reuniting them. This speaks volumes of her character and the kind of person she is which is why she ultimately got the bail and we’re sure that this would be off her books too!

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