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Saqib Saleem Birthday: His Best Moments With Sister Huma Qureshi On Her Show Fit Fab Feast

Vatsal Thakore

April 7, 2021

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On Saqib Saleem’s 33rd birthday, take a look at his fun moments with his sister Huma Qureshi, on her show, Fit Fab Feast on Zee Zest.

The Rangbaaz actor, Saqib Saleem, turns 33 on April 8! Since his very first movie in 2011, the actor has garnered a lot of love for his acting performances. Whether it be a rom-com like Comedy Couple or an action thriller like Rangbaaz, Saqib Saleem succeeds in portraying all kinds of roles in any genre. Also, his fun and loving relationship with his sister, Huma Qureshi, is no secret. Recently, the actor had featured in an episode of her show, Fit Fab Feast, which airs on Zee Zest. In the show, he shared many fun moments with Huma Qureshi, while also being funny and relatable many times. Take a look at some of those.


Sharing the true essence of sibling relationships

Source: A still from the episode

Right at the beginning of his bit in the show, he was supposed to reach a restaurant to share the Feast moments with his sister. And just like an annoying sibling, he made Huma Qureshi wait for 30 minutes, on purpose! He also reconciled it with a short and sweet greeting, like any other sibling in the world.


Food and hunger!

Source: A still from the episode

While Saqib and Huma are sitting and chatting in the restaurant, the chef arrives and is talking about the special menu that he has prepared for them for their ‘Feast’. At that moment, Saqib says what all of us would have wanted to say, hearing about the delicious food: “Sir, ek kaam karo, sabki 2-2 plate laa do!


Banters with Huma

Source: A still from the episode

Nothing beats the fun banters one can have with their siblings. Saqib and Huma, too, share moments like these in the show. In one of their conversations, Huma Qureshi says to him, “ You always embarrass me. We (the Qureshi family) can’t take you anywhere. Whenever we would take you to a restaurant, you would be like ‘mujhe yeh chahiye, woh chahiye, parda chahiye!’”

And Saqib instantly replied to her, saying, “Parda chaiye? Dhobi ka bachcha hoon kya?!


Universal hatred for karela

Source: A still from the episode

Like all of us or maybe most of us, Saqib Saleem also hates bitter gourd or karela. While they are having a conversation with the chef about his preparations, the chef says, “I have committed to making tasty things out of vegetables that people don’t like.” To this, Huma asks, “So what have you done with karela?”

The chef was just about to answer and began, “With karela also, we have tried something-” and Saqib immediately jumped in, and said, “But achchha nai bana na? Karele ka yahi problem hai!

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About his 18th birthday

Source: A still from the episode

Saqib shared a story about his 18th birthday, about how Huma had tried making a cheesecake for him. About the said cheesecake, Saqib said, “Cake kya hota hai? 10 kilo shakkar? Bas wahi tha woh. Cake kaata jaata hai, lekin woh piya jaa raha tha, chammach se.” However, in the end, Huma added how considerate Saqib was towards her hard work. She said, “But Saqib was very sweet, he ate the whole thing.”


About cooking

Source: A still from the episode

Here is one of their fun conversations about the place they were eating at and about cooking:

Saqib: “I could bring my date here”

Huma: “How about cooking for your date?”

Saqib: “Sure, I could make her maggi!”

A lot of people would relate to Saqib’s idea of cooking here!


First paycheck

Source: A still from the episode

Lastly, when the duo was having a rapid-fire round of questions about their life and about each other, they were asked about what was their first paycheck. Saqib shared his story of earning one for a cricket tournament, and Huma shared that she had earned the first paycheck when she used to teach computers to the kids at the India Habitat centre. As soon as she shared the story, the sibling in Saqib woke up, and he said, “Aur aaj woh bachchon ko kuch nahi pata!

Watch the whole episode of Fit Fab Feast with Huma Qureshi feat. Saqib Saleem on ZEE5.

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