Comedy Couple: From ‘Salary kitna hai’ to ‘Shaadi kab hai’, Tackle These Desi Questions the Zoya-Deep Way

Comedy Couple’s protagonists Zoya and Deep really have had some of the perfect reactions and responses we could use to deal with the desi nosey people in our lives!

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November 25, 2020

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The ZEE5 original film Comedy Couple has accurately portrayed a diverse representation of the youth of India. Among the distinct characters that Comedy Couple offers us, the protagonists Zoya and Deep stand out in our eyes with their quirky responses to many situations throughout the film. We could say that they almost have the perfect reaction to the typical desi questions that our nosey neighbour aunty or a remotely related family member always has to ask .

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1. ‘Corporate job hai, salary toh kaafi achi hogi?’

When Deep realised his parents would not approve of him doing stand-up comedy, he decided to not tell them about it. Deep simply kept them under the impression that he was still working his 9 to 5 corporate job & being paid in six-figures while enjoying his stand-up comedy career.

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2. ‘Shaadi kab karogey beta?’

Let’s admit it, everyone has given someone this exact look when asked about our marriage plans. Our relatives seem too interested in when we plan on getting married. So even if not in real life, we have made this face in our heads when asked the question.

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

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3. Itna late ghar aati ho?

Every young-adult girl in today’s age has had to deal with this question after getting home after a fun night out or a late work night. Zoya’s reaction isn’t very unexpected, to be honest, feel free to take cues the next someone objects to your nightlife!

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

4. ‘Aage ka kya plan hai?’

A vague yet repetitive question almost all of us get asked. Whether during high school or college or work, nosey aunties and relatives want to know what our next step is. Let’s be honest, this is how we internally feel because even we are clueless.

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

5. The awkward questions

When Deep’s father spotted Zoya’s underwear, he awkwardly asked Deep who it belonged to. Deep’s reply that it belonged to the woman living on the floor above was a quick and classic excuse to escape the situation.

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

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6. ‘Achi lagti ho Indian kapdo mein’

This is how we really feel anytime our old relatives tell us how we should wear Indian outfits more often because it looks good on us. Thanks, but can I anyway wear what I want to?

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

7. ‘Kisse baat kar rahe ho?’

Forget parents, even our relatives are nosey about our love life. If they catch us messaging or talking to someone on the phone, they end up asking a thousand questions about if it’s a significant other we are talking to. Deep ends up mostly lying to his family to get such invasive questions out of his way.

8. The free advice

From ‘Umar sahi hai, shaadi kar lo’ to ‘corporate job achi hai, chodhna mat,’ nosey aunties and family relatives are always showering us with their unnecessary free advice and suggestions. Although Deep was never disrespectful, his reaction was a pretty accurate one to his job-related questions from his father.

Comedy Couple
Source: ZEE5

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