Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon: 5 times Pradeep proved he is the funniest host ever

There has not been a single episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon where Pradeep has not made us laugh, proving that he is the funniest.

Bhavna Gandikota

March 17, 2021


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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icons Pradeep is one of the funniest hosts you will ever meet and these incidents will tell you the same. As the show is headed towards its grand finale, we decided to recall some of the most hilarious moments that made us laugh uncontrollably, all thanks to Pradeep.

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1) When Pradeep redefined a few laws of physics

Pradeep decided to help Pawan Kalyan with his viva and told him the definitions of reverse engineering and force. According to him, reverse engineering is when you write your engineering exams in September instead of March, and force is what compels them to shoot until late at night when the shoot was scheduled to end at 10 p.m. If that didn’t crack you up, we don’t know what will.

Pradeep in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Source: ZEE5

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2) When he announced that he will be the first one to enter the grand finale

Pradeep had announced on the show that he would be the first one to enter the grand finale before any other contestants, and when he was asked why he would be the one, he replied by saying that it was because he will have to start the episode and be on the stage even before the contestants. LOL!

Pradeep in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon
Source: ZEE5

3) When Pardeep drew his dream girl 

Pradeep asked a few artists to paint up the image of his dream girl and they came up with a rather odd image. Later when Sreemukhi joined the show, he hilariously said that the image was Sreemukhi’s and didn’t resemble his dream girl. We loved the banter between Sreemukhi and Pradeep!

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4) When he praised Revanth after the latter sung Telisiney

After Revanth sings ‘Telisiney’ for the Mentor’s Special episode, Pradeep says that he sang it just like the original singer. What makes it really funny is that Revanth is the original singer. Pradeep is always ready with punchlines and he will hit you with them when you least expect them.

Pradeep and Revanth in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa
Source: ZEE5

5) When he wanted to join Ramachari’s classes

When Deepu and Prithvi confess to falling in love at their guru Ramachari’s class, singer SP Sailaja says that Revanth should attend these classes and take Pradeep with him to see what’s going on. This is when Pradeep instantly says that this is what he has always wanted as well. His spontaneous and candid reply was hilarious!

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