Pookalam Varavayi: 4 times Saudamini tried too hard to be a powerful villain but failed

Saudamini with her never ending list of wicked plans is a dangerous villain but not the smartest one. Here are the times she tried to cause havoc and fell in her own traps.

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January 20, 2021



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Fans of Pookalam Varavayi love to hate Saudamini. Sharing evil interests with Sharmila, Saudamini makes for a good villain but not the smartest. She has some deep-rooted hate in her and this is shown time and again with her evil plans to destroy Samyuktha and Sapthathi’s happiness. She tries too hard with her crooked plans but ends up falling into her own traps, giving us all a good laugh. From scaring us with dreadful vengeance to falling headfirst over her plans, she really is a one-of-a-kind villain. Here are times when Saudamini tried too hard to be a dangerous villain but ended goofing up.

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The time when she spilled oil

Saudamini wanted to cause havoc and she decided she’ll make Abhimanyu fall and put the blame on Samyuktha. It is indeed a good plan, but it is Saudamini and thus success doesn’t come that easy. Abhi slips on the oil but is saved by Samyuktha. It would still have been fine then but Saudamini rushes in only to slip and fall on the oil she spilled. Classic!

The time she put salt in the prasad

Samyuktha’s rituals really gave Saudamini a lot of chances to sabotage them and cause problems. She could’ve stopped Samyuktha and thus fail her rituals. However, Saudamini’s plans aren’t effective as Samyuktha has Abhimanyu in her support. She added a lot of salt to Samyuktha’s prasad which would make her spit it all out, hence failing the ritual. Little did she know, that Abhi would switch the plates and make her eat the salted food instead. It is funny as she is forced to eat the whole plate because she can’t spit out the prasad.

Saudamini eats the salty Prasad (Source: ZEE5)

The time when she walked on fire

This was again during the rituals. As it was all about to end with Samyuktha nearing completion, Saudamini brought up the toughest of ideas to make Samyuktha walk on ember to complete the Puja. As crazy as it sounds, Samyuktha agrees. Later, in what is a very romantic scene, we get to see Abhi carry an exhausted Samyuktha in his arms and walk on fire to complete the rituals. Not only did Saudamini fail in her plan to hurt Samyuktha but ended up hurting herself as she accidentally stepped on the fire she ordered for.

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Saudamini burns her feet in the ember (Source: ZEE5)

The time she tried to arise suspicion in Samyuktha

Saudamini is sharp with her words, she knows what to say to whom. We have seen her manipulate people with her words in the past and she expected a similar effect on Samyuktha when she tried to arise suspicion about Abhi. However, the plan backfired and what we got to see instead was Saudamini get fired at by Samyuktha who completely destroyed her crooked plan.

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