Mithai: Siddhartha of Modak family is every millennial who chose a different path; here’s how

Mithai’s Sid accurately represents the millennial crowd of the country who are known for their extremely different choices in life than that of their family.

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January 7, 2021



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Often, there is one person who stands out from the rest of the crowd due to their choices, opinions or just their characteristics, whether within a family, workplace, society or just a group of friends. And, Mithai‘s Sid is just that. Played by the popular Bengali actor, Adrit Roy, Sid possesses a very distinct personality and his choices in life are mainly based on personal interests.

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Although surrounded by an entire joint family of his own, Sid does not really participate in any of the rituals or celebrations at home. Keeping himself aloof, he tends to focus on his job a lot and does not indulge in most things that the Modak family prefers to do together. Sid is also noticeably different in several other ways such as his choice of career, clothing and the way he speaks.

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The Modak family has been in the business of sweets for years, and people usually expect the younger generations to take on the family business in due time. However, Sid chose to not walk down that road. Despite being the eldest grandson of the family, he took up a completely different profession by choice. He opted for a typical corporate job and stayed away from the sweets business of the Modaks.

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Not only did he choose a completely different profession than that of his family, but he also pushed everyone away after his mother’s passing. Although his whole family comes together to deal with the highs and lows of life together, Sid is nowhere to be seen around them during such times. He keeps his distance and does not understand the need for his family to be so cheerful and loud during festivities.

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It is also extremely noticeable how differently Sid dresses compared to his own family. While the whole Modak family was seen wearing beautiful Indian traditional clothing during a Puja at home, Sid looked absolutely different from the rest of them. He looked spick and span in his sparkling white shirt and black trousers, ready to take on some work for the day while the Modak family prepped for further celebrations of the Puja.

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