Did you know Mithai’s leading lady Mithai and Rani Rashmoni’s Padma are best buddies?

Soumitrisha Kundu and Diya Chakrabarti’s friendship ranked up to the level of a family this year and we cannot stop adoring it!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 6, 2021



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We have witnessed several beautiful friendships blossom between our favourite actors in the past. And, it is almost fascinating to watch two on-screen characters bonding in real life. We are well-familar with the popular Rani Rashmoni actor Diya Chakrabarti, who plays the role of Padma, and Soumitrisha Kundu of the latest Zee Bangla television show Mithai. But did you know that the two of them are best friends in real life?

Watch what will happen next on Mithai here:

Friends who turned into family

Mithai’s lead actor Soumitrisha Kundu recently shared a new year inspired post, where she spoke about how some of her friends turned into family this year. And we spotted Rani Rashmoni actor Diya Chakrabarti in it!

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In the post, we saw Soumitrisha posing for the camera with Diya and another friend at this year’s new years party. The trio seemed tired after a fair duration of partying in the first photo, whereas they looked refreshed and joyful in the second one where Diya got squished in a kiss-sandwich by the other two. The caption spoke about how some of Soumitrisha’s friends ranked up to family standards this year. She also mentioned that even though she does not have too many friends, she has the right ones for her!

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In another post, we witnessed Soumitrisha and Diya looking stunning as they posed together during the party. The post consisted of many more fun photos of the duo with some other friends. She even lovingly declared that those friends were her constants in life!

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Best buds!

In October 2020, followers of the actors even saw Soumitrisha make an adorable post on the occasion of Diya Chakrabarti’s birthday. Soumitrisha was seen giving her best bud a sweet kiss and the other lovingly received it. In the caption, Soumitrisha wished her best bud a happy birthday, love and blessings.

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