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Kundali Bhagya: 5 Things That Would Not Have Happened On The Show If Not For Prithvi Malhotra

Tanvi Rumale

April 13, 2021

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From Karan, Preeta’s first wedding to Janaki’s accidents, here are all the events that would not have happened if Prithvi Malhotra had not been involved!

Kundali Bhagya‘s villain, Prithvi Malhotra (Sanjay Gagnani) is the most menacing and evil villain on the show although the vamps Sherlyn and Mahira do give him tough competition. But why Prithvi is the biggest villain of the show is because he is the reason for many troublesome things that happen eventually. He has also been the show’s primary villain for quite some time now and if he was to be deleted from the show, these major incidents would never have taken place!

Sherlyn and Rishabh’s wedding

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Sherlyn (Ruhi Chaturvedi) and Prithvi were engaged but for some reason, they chose to not get married. Instead, Prithvi wanted Sherlyn to marry Rishabh Luthra (Manit Joura) because he wanted to seek revenge on the Luthra family! There has been mystery surrounding what exactly could be the reason behind him seeking this revenge. We still do not know what the Luthras have done to Prithvi but we know that his desire for revenge is the thing that made Sherlyn marry Rishabh. Prithvi wanted his lover to get an entry into his enemy’s house so that he could destroy their family from within! So if Prithvi did not exist, she wouldn’t have married Rishabh and who knows maybe he would have proposed to Preeta (Shraddha Arya)!

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Karan going to Jail

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When Prithvi and Sherlyn’s truth about her pregnancy was to be revealed, Prithvi took a drastic step. He hired a girl named Monisha and asked her to create a misunderstanding at a party that Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) was at. He wanted her to create a fake allegation of rape against Karan which would compel him to rot in jail. This actually worked for a bit and Karan’s reputation was at stake as he was arrested twice and there were court proceedings that also took place later on. But this wouldn’t have happened if Prithvi wasn’t there in the picture.

Janki’s “accidents”

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Janki aunty who is Sarla’s house-help is like family to the Aroras. She is also quite sharp and was the first one to notice Karan and Preeta’s affection for one another. In fact, she was the first #PreeRan fan and wanted them to get married! But Janki also noticed Prithvi’s ill intentions and his actions when she discovered that Sherlyn and he were having an affair. She needed to stop this from happening but instead, Prithvi planned her numerous accidents to keep her mum. He caused a fire that would burn her, later he hit her on the head and even ran her over with his car and pushed her down the stairs! All of these incidents or ‘accidents’ would not have happened if not for Prithvi.

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Karan and Preeta’s first marriage

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Preeta was clueless about her own fiance Prithvi and was concentrating on uncovering Sherlyn’s truth. But Prithvi’s true character was discovered by Karan and he did not want Preeta to marry him and ruin her life. So Karan replaced Prithvi at his wedding and got married to Preeta without her consent. There were also other reasons behind him taking this big decision. Like him blaming Preeta for Mahesh (Navin Saini) going into a coma and Rishabh’s wedding with Sherlyn. But Prithvi was actually responsible for all these happenings, so, had it not been for the villain of the show, the main leads would have never gotten married! At least not that way!

Prithvi ruining Kritika’s life

Kundali Bhagya
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Prithvi marries Kritika (Twinkle Vasisht) to enter the Luthra house because he wants to seek revenge from her family and also from Preeta for marrying Karan. He uses Kritika and compels her into thinking that he is a good person and that everyone else is wrong. Akshay, Kritika’s ex-fiance sees that she is marrying Prithvi and decides to blackmail her and a lot of drama ensues – all because of Prithvi Malhotra’s re-entry into the lives of the Luhtras!

Hence, we say if Prithvi Malhotra was missing from the picture, Kundali Bhagya wouldn’t have been the same!

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