Kori Khela: Here’s how Paromita and Apurbo’s marriage can potentially affect Kuttush, Srija and Gunja

Srija’s reaction to Apurba and Paromita’s marriage might be starkly different from that of Kuttush and Gunja’s.

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April 22, 2021


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A relatively newer addition to Zee Bangla’s vast variety of progressive TV serials is Kori Khela. The show stars actors Sriparna Roy and Ananda Ghosh as Paromita/Pori and Apurbo, respectively, in lead roles. Single parents Paromita and Apurbo are soon to tie the know. However, their children, Pori’s son Kuttush and Apurba’s daughters Srija and Gunja, might have drastically different reactions to it, given their difference in ages and outlooks. Here’s how.

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Srija’s opposition towards the marriage

The older daughter of Apurba, Srija, is extremely attached to her late mother Atreyi. In her eyes, no woman can ever replace her mother. Thus, it has been rather difficult for her to be okay with Apurba remarrying another woman, which is Paromita in this case. A young Srija, provoked by certain evil family members of hers, has gotten even more protective and defensive. Recently, behind closed doors, Srija was even seen asking Paromita to call off the wedding.

Srija in Kori Khela
Source: ZEE5

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Apurba and Paromita’s union might lead Srija to push away her own father and sister, Apurba and Gunja, now more than ever. Furthermore, her dislike for Paromita might cause Srija to frequently create a scene with her at home, given her general tendency to have outbursts. Srija might also channel her spite on a much younger Kuttush, leaving him hurt for no fault of his own.

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A delight for Kuttush and Gunja

Both Kuttush and Gunja, are very young. While Kuttush has developed a very strong liking for Apurba, Gunja has done the same for Paromita. Unintentionally, Kuttush sees Apurba as a father figure while Gunja sees Paromita as that of a mother. So the news of Apurba and Paromita getting hitched has been nothing less of pure joy to the two little ones. It is safe to say that Gunja and Kuttush will love having each other and both their parents as a company, following this nuptial.

Kuttush and Gunja in Kori Khela
Source: ZEE5

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The purpose of Apurba and Paromita’s union

Solely hoping that he could fill a little bit of the emptiness that Kuttush felt due to Himanshu’s absence, and Srija and Gunja felt due to Atreyi’s, Apurba proposed the idea of marriage to Paromita. She agreed to tie the knot on the same basis too. But unlike Kuttush and Gunja, Srija seems to be extremely against it.

Apurba and Paromita in Kori Khela
Source: ZEE5

Thus, we truly hope Srija grows to understand that Paromita does not intend to replace her late mother. In fact, Paromita only hopes to help Srija, Gunja, and Kuttush lead an easier, happier, and better life ahead.

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