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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: 5 times Janhvi tried being an evil home-breaker to Karna and Radhika

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 1, 2021

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Janhvi has been causing quite a bit of disruption and discomfort in Karna and Radhika marital life. Have you noticed her misbehaviour yet?

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay stars Krushal Ahuja as Karna Sen and Swastika Dutta as Radhika Sen in lead roles. Together, Karna and Radhika have dealt with several complications in their married life. From Thammi’s strange objections and tests for Radhika to Payel’s conspiracies to get Trisha hitched to Karna, we have seen them all. And of late, Karna’s ex-lover Janhvi, who has returned to the former’s life, has been the reason behind their annoyance. Her endless efforts to win Karna back have become a constant hindrance in Karna and Radhika’s marital life.

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1. Addressing Karna as K

In the past, when Karna and Janhvi were close, she called him by the nickname K. So when Mr. Dutta, Janhvi’s husband, sent a bouquet to the Sen residence apologising for being unable to meet the Sens that day, Janhvi did something extremely clever. She addressed the card in the bouquet to both Radhika and Karna, but called the latter ‘K’ to reestablish her place in his life. This triggered Karna’s past memories making him extremely uncomfortable at the time.

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2. Getting too close to Karna

Janhvi has not been leaving any stone unturned to remind Karna of their past together. In an episode not too long ago, we witnessed her forcing him to stay back at the office despite Karna repeatedly telling her how he needed to rush home as Radhika was waiting for him. Janhvi even stooped down as low as hovering over Karna, hoping to seduce him to remind him of their past. It was a moment of immense humiliation for Radhika when she entered Karna’s cabin to find them so close to each other.

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3. Constantly instigating Radhika

However, Janhvi did not stop even then. Janhvi further took the freedom of humiliating her. She told Radhika about her past with Karna and even stated how she believed Karna was surely enjoying his time with her. To instigate her, Janhvi then said Karna seemed to have no remorse for being unable to meet Radhika at home on time.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
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4. Invading the couple’s privacy at home

After Radhika put Janhvi back in her place when the former attended a meeting with her in the place of Karna, Janhvi shamelessly showed up at the Sen residence. Using excuses about their project, she reached their home which was, obviously, very invasive for Karna and Radhika.

5. Manipulating Karna

Faking to be apologetic about her misbehaviour, Janhvi manipulated Karna into meeting her at a café recently. Even Radhika insisted that she deserved a second chance. However, Janhvi continued manipulating Karna into believing she had realised her mistakes while secretly planning to cause more harm.

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6. Being extra touchy

In a recent episode, Janhvi made Karna and Radhika organise a Valentine’s Day party at their residence. Upon reaching, she got extremely touchy with Karna, making Radhika uncomfortable yet again. While Karna dealt with her very smartly, it was troubling to watch the discomfort Radhika and he had to go through due to Janhvi’s outrageous acts.

Source: ZEE5

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