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Rimli: The new Bangla TV serial starring Idika sheds light on the oppressed

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 16, 2021

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The story of Rimli is closely associated with the reality of the sacrificial lives Indian farmers live. Have you started watching yet?

Now airing on Zee Bangla, Rimli is a very raw, realistic, and inspirational story revolving around the lives and struggles of the uncelebrated heroes of our society – farmers. The show accurately showcases the various battles the poor have to fight and the oppressive practices they are subjected to, by richer parts of the society. Rimli, the title character of the show, has a very strong-headed and passionate personality and hopes to bring justice to the farmers, especially from the land of Bengal.

Watch what will happen next on Rimli here:

Lesser returns

In one of the promos of Rimli, we saw how the farmers, working their hardest with the produce, are informed of the returns they are set to receive. In the video, Morol Kaka is seen arriving on a tractor to inform a large chunk of poverty-stricken villagers that their paddy crops will fetch them returns with a lesser margin by two rupees that year. And Rimli was very quick to bring up how it had been the same way even a couple of years back.

Source: ZEE5

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Working hard and not getting the desired or at least the deserved pay for your job, is one of the most heart-wrenching things. While already leading a very simple lifestyle, it is bound to be a horrible feeling when you get paid even lesser than the bare minimum. This is indeed a very accurate representation of the reality of the lives of Indian farmers. Unfortunately, many end up taking their own lives when unable to survive the miseries that come with not having enough to provide for your family.

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Painful sufferings

While we see a young Rimli as the protagonist of the show, it is not to be missed how countless aged men and women also continue to work in the fields. They endure several painful experiences in the process of pushing themselves harder at agricultural work, which is very well-portrayed in the first episode of Rimli as well. Their sufferings are overlooked by the richer sections of society.

Source: ZEE5

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Endless sacrifices

Farmers are the ones who provide for the entire nation. The products of their agriculture are essentially our source of survival – food. However, they are the ones compromising and sacrificing endlessly through life. In a promo of the show, we once saw Rimli purposely skip out on mustardf oil while packing her lunch for the day. She did so upon noticing how tiny of an amount of it was left. Presenting similar small yet significant instances, the show ties together the reality of the lives of farmers with the fight that Rimli is set to put up against them.

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