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Krishnakoli: Here’s why we think Shyama’s comfort level with Nikhil is finally growing!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 17, 2021

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Shyama’s memory is back and her affection for Nikhil seems to be growing. And, we are super excited to watch their bond get stronger to say the least.

Krishnakoli stars Tiyasha Roy as Shyama and Neel Bhattacharya as Nikhil in the lead roles. The show has taken us along on a rather intense journey that Nikhil and Shyama embarked upon. Shyama, who had lost her memory for over 18 years, recently recollected almost all of it. And, now that she has reunited with her soulmate, Nikhil, we have started noticing how her immense discomfort around Nikhil has drastically reduced.

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Shyama, who had lost her memory after a terrible accident a long time ago, spent 18 long years living only with her daughter Krishna in Benares. Her lost memory contributed to a lot of other issues that she had to face on a regular basis. Even after returning to Kolkata, to the Choudhury household with Krishna, she stayed away from most people. Not only that, Shyama was evidently hesitant about any bit of closeness with Nikhil, even after the family recognised her to be their long lost daughter-in-law. Shyama’s extreme discomfort around the man who was her own husband for years, originated from her troubled mind and heart.

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However, ever since Nikhil recently helped her recollect her past memories, Shyama’s approach towards him has changed significantly. The couple even got remarried to each other in an adorable little nuptial. Shyama, who used to be afraid of Nikhil’s touch, seems to be unbothered by it now. Not only that, but Shyama’s constant nervous expression on her face also seems to have disappeared completely. She seems much happier to be around her family, especially her husband. Her trust and faith in the man also seem to have returned.

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When Nikhil pulled an act of his death on the entire family to trigger Shyama’s lost memory to make a comeback, everyone was in tears. But given how nervous Shyama always appeared to be around him, we did not expect her to react the way she did. Watching Nikhil lie breathless on the death bed not only tore Shyama’s heart apart, but it also caused her to recollect their wedding from years ago. She recollected several other instances from their past as well, which she had entirely forgotten for years. After that, she poured her heart out to Nikhil, hoping he would revive and live. It was truly magical watching Shyama’s love for him reappear after such long years.

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Shyama, who was hardly seen smiling around Nikhil before, is now seen having the biggest smile on her face very often. His touch does not make her uncomfortable anymore either. It is a heartwarming experience to watch the lovers grow back closer after years of enduring hurt and pain due to their separation. Now that the couple is finally remarried and even have a young daughter together, we are expecting their bond to only grow even stronger with time.

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