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Monal Gajjar Reveals 30 Things About Herself Which Her Fans Don’t Know On Unboxed With ZEE5

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January 27, 2021

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Kaagaz actor Monal Gajjar spoke about her likes, dislikes, her idea of a perfect date and also revealed that she has a huge crush on Tollywood star Varun Tej.

ZEE5’s latest film, Kaagaz, garnered massive attention from moviegoers and also received rave reviews from critics. The movie stars Pankaj Tripathi and Monal Gajjar in lead roles. While we all saw the latter playing a never-before-seen avatar in the Kaagaz, she is quite chill and happy-go-lucky in real life. We got to know more about Monal’s personal life, her interests, her favourite star and a lot more in an interview with Unboxed with ZEE5. Read on to know some unknown facts about Monal Gajjar.

1. Are you a morning person or a night person?
 Monal mentioned that it depends on the time and that she thinks she is morning as well as a night person.
2. Tea or Coffee?
The Kaagaz actress said that she is a coffee person and that she loves to have a large Caramel Latte in the morning with chilli cheese toast from Starbucks.
3. What’s your favourite morning song if you wake up early?
Monal revealed that she loves to listen to Radhe Govind Bhajo Radhe Govinda in the morning. She added that it’s a 22-minutes kirtan.
4. Gym or Yoga?
She revealed that she likes to do Yoga.
5. Last thing you bought under Rs. 100?
Gajjar mentioned that she brought a mask under Rs 100.
6. Last time you used public transport? If yes, how much did you pay for the ticket? 
“After lockdown opened up, I went walking to Swami Narayan temple in Ahmadabad, while returning I took a municipal transport bus and I was super happy,” said Monal. When asked about its cost, she added that she paid Rs 12 and also made videos while travelling as she travelled to school in it.
7. One thing you will never leave your home without? 
“My phone”, she said.
8. One thing that makes angry?
Mona added that hunger makes her angry and quipped that it also makes her ‘hangry’.
9. One thing that makes you happy?
She stated that surprises make her happy. “When people whom I love, call me and tell me that they miss me,” I like it,” she said.
10. If you like receiving surprises, do you like giving one? 
The actress remarked that she gives surprises as well. “After Bigg Boss, my friend Akhil and me, we didn’t meet as I was busy shooting and he was busy giving interviews. One day, I travelled almost 45 mins and reached his place around 1.30 in the night. He was shocked with my surprise in the night,” said Mona.
11. One habit of yours no one knows about?
Mona quipped that there’s nothing that people don’t know about her after her stint in Bigg Boss. She continued that she likes to crack PJs and stupid jokes.
12. Have you ever used your star-status to get-away?
Gajjar said that she was recently travelling to Hyderabad and that she was late. Mona said that she removed her mask and told the people that she was an actor and that she had to reach for the event.
13. What is your cheat meal like? 
Mona said that she is not a very foodie person and that she likes to maintain her routine. “I’ll have something like Palak paneer, rice, curd and salad,” she said. “I’ll eat garlic bread and pizza if need be,” she added.
14. What is the idea of a perfect date? 
To this, Mona said that a perfect date means that the other person knows everything about her likes and dislikes. “My ex has shown me everything beautiful in my life, I am so grateful. After that, nobody’s reaching that far or I’m not giving anybody a chance to reach there. He made his standards so high so I am not giving anyone a chance to reach that,” she said.
15. Your favourite holiday destination?
US, California or a Europe trip.
16. Best and worst comment that you’ve received on social media?
Mona talked about the good comments like “You’re an angel”, “We are your family and we will always be there for you,” and then talked about the worst comment: “Beep you.”
17. In a relationship, I will never use a ____?
She mentioned that in a relationship, she will never use any bad words.
18. Life in one word? 
19. Favourite quote you lived by? 
“Keep flying until you succeed.”
20. If not an actor, then what would you be?
“I would be a businesswoman, advising people and making my consultancy bigger. I am a very good advisor,” said the actress. She quipped that he might be a politician in future.
21. Celeb you want to get stuck on an island with?
Mona revealed that she wants to get stuck on an island with Varun Tej. More so, she mentioned that he is very well-known in the south and that he is a very good-looking handsome hunk. She added that he is 6.1 or 2, less talking, has very beautiful eyes and quipped that she would go on and on.
22. Your favourite superhero?
“I think I like superman,” she said.
 23. Weirdest or silliest thing you last searched on google?
Mona stated that she searched the meaning of ‘lub’.
24. What’s the strangest rumour you’ve heard about yourself? 
“I am working with Salman Khan,” she said. Not only this, but Monal added that she loved the rumour.
25. Describe yourself in three words? 
Super energetic, fun-loving, super-caring.
26. One thing about Pankaj Tripathi you didn’t know? 
Mona mentioned that he is super-rich and that he brought a bungalow in Madh Island. Gajjar continued that he loves to read books.
27. Texting or talking? 
28. Love or money?
29. Food or sex?
30. Dhokla or dosa? 
31. How excited were you when you first read the script about your Hindi debut? 
The actress said that when at first Satish Kaushik told her about the script, she was like ‘okay’ as she had to play three different age groups with Pankaj Tripathi. “So I was a little worried about it, every girl wants to have a Yash Raj film with a flowing dupatta. So I asked Sir if that was the right thing. It’s all because Satish Sir trusted me. I’m super happy with my debut with Kaagaz and with the standard I’ve created. I have created one benchmark that I’m a good actor,” she said.
32. If you had to change one thing about your character in Kaagaz?
“I learnt to stop crying. I get so emotional when I hear people’s stories and I relate with stories a lot. Sometimes I just feel like I can control myself and I just don’t melt in some situations, which I do very fast,” she said.
33. Favourite dialogue from a film?
Mona revealed that her favourite dialogue is, “Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai.”
34. Which was the most challenging scene to shoot in Kaagaz? 
She mentioned that a fight with Pankaj when she was leaving the house was most-challenging. “That was a scene wherein first-time I’m raising my voice against my husband and it is too much and I’m so hurt. The first time he is blaming me saying that ‘har Mahabharat ke peeche ek Draupadi hoti hai and meri Mahabharat ki Draupadi tum ho. I remember at one point I had to scream and that’s what Satish Sir wanted. I was challenging as it was a long scene as well,” she said.
35. How was it to work with Pankaj?
“It’s about how your co-actor is giving you a comfort zone and making you feel like you can do it. A comfort zone is very important for an actor and the belief that a director holds on his actor, that’s what I got from Satish Sir. Pankaj Ji is an amazing actor himself and he’s very grounded. It comes out so well. I’m so grateful I worked with him in my first movie and his grace his wonderful on-screen,” she said.
36. 3 reasons one should watch Kaagaz? 
She answered, “First, it’s a biopic, second it has me in it, and third it’s a motivation for everybody. In life, whenever you feel this is so difficult and it’s not going to happen, never give up and one day you’ll definitely succeed.”

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