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Monday Motivation: Take cues from Jamuna Dhaki’s Geet and beat cliché gender roles at home

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 11, 2021

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Jamuna Dhaki’s Geet’s confidence, determination and calm-headedness are an inspiration for many. Find out why we think so, here.

Jamuna Dhaki is a popular television drama show that stars Sweta Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as Sangeet. The show has set some great standards and has also provided grand examples of squashing gender roles, via Jamuna’s character. Recently, we witnessed another such brilliant instance on the show, but this time it was through Geet and her light-hearted humour.

Here is a recap of what last happened on Jamuna Dhaki:

Geet’s demand and determination

In a recent episode, we saw Geet waking up the next morning after her Ful Shojja Raat with Ved, and demanding her usual bed tea from her mother-in-law. She made it evident that she would not get out of bed without it as it was one of her morning rituals to have her morning tea in bed. When Ved’s family members reacted weirdly to her demand, Geet did not hesitate to ask them if they had planned on getting her to do everything once she was wedded into the family.

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Not just a woman’s duty to serve

Geet also asked Jethan if he was going to prepare the Parathas for her that morning. Upon seeing how taken aback he was at this idea, Geet questioned him why the men of the house were not expected to get such things done. A confident and outspoken Geet made a very clear point during the conversation – it is just not a woman’s duty to serve her family or in-laws once she gets married to her husband. She also became an inspiration for other women to speak up against such practices.

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

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Squashing societal gender roles

She also made it clear that there was no reason for people to assume that only a woman is supposed to know how to prepare food or execute any of the other needful chores in a household. She was not afraid to cross-question Ved’s mother or his uncle even once and we believe every woman has the right to be able to do the same. In an era where men and women have both been achieving greater heights together, there still exists a lot of gender bias. Many people still continue to live life with the belief that certain jobs are only for certain genders. But Geet’s humorous approach to the situation was a beautiful way of proving it wrong.

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Polite but firm

Geet proved a very simple thing in the process – some battles can easily be won with a calm yet firm mindset. She turned the matter into a fun and lighter one, which in turn added humour to the scenario and made this conversation hilarious for us to watch and enjoy. Not everything needs a violent or aggressive fight, simple yet strong conversations can help set things straight.

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