Jamai 2.0 Season 2: An Insight Into Sidharth-Roshni-DD’s Characters Through These Posters

From Ravi Dubey’s revenge-seeking Siddharth to Achint Kaur’s lone evil DD, a look at some interesting character posters of Jamai 2.0.

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February 24, 2021


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It’s the golden age of OTT, from exciting storylines to conceptual reboots, the digital platforms have it all. The web shows have taken over the big screens with lively characters and their inspiring life stories. Also, there’s an array of mini-series, short-lived shows, and fan favourites that got their inspiration from television. In a similar instance, Zee TV’s popular show Jamai Raja is back with a digital spin-off Jamai 2.0 season 2.

The trailer of the show has received a great response from the audience for its intriguing and promising concept. The story will be laden with drama, romance, and mystery. Fans are already vibing over Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma’s sizzling chemistry. Jamai 2.0 will explore the complications of relationships amid its promising storyline. Revolving around Sidharth (Ravi Dubey), the story will essay his revenge saga against DD and on the other side his romance with her daughter Roshni.

Well, that narrative has definitely excited the viewers for this twisted tale. Ahead of its release, here’s taking a look at some top-notch character posters that will give you an insight into their life stories.

Take a look:

Ravi Dubey ‘On The Mark Of Revenge’

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Siddharth played by Ravi Dubey has had an interesting story arc in the first season. The way he cleverly plotted plans against Durga Devi exposing her criminal acts was interesting to witness. Also, we saw a more mature side of Sid after he fell in love with DD’s daughter Roshni. In the second season, we will again see him getting back on his aim. 

Well, it would be a treat for the fans to watch his twisted personality. And as seen in the trailer, this time it is filled with more twists and surprises.

Nia Sharma ‘Shades Of Suspense’

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The next-door girl Roshni, played by Nia Sharma in the first season was the ‘innocent one among the evils’. However, in the second season, her character will be revived with unexpected twists and she will be having an interesting story arc. Laden with shades of suspense, Nia Sharma is all set to leave you stunned in Jamai 2.0 sequel.

Achint Kumar ‘The Lone Evil’

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Durga Devi aka DD is the head of many shady businesses. However, with her intelligence, she has managed to outwit the law and her enemies. But Siddharth has proved to be her competition and hence, the continuation of their clash in the sequel would be more gripping. It remains to be seen if she reveals Sid’s real identity to Roshni.

Priya Banerjee ‘ Sweet Yet Cunning’

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While nothing more is revealed about Priya Banerjee’s character of Ahana, she will definitely be another surprise in the storyline. As of now, we can say that she might be a character whom DD will use as a pawn to trap Siddharth. Well, this poster gives us a bit of insight into her “sweet and sassy” persona.

Vin Rana ‘The Mastemind’

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Another surprise entry in Jamai 2.0 is Vin Rana’s Abeer who’ll be another mastermind in the story. We can see him clashing with Siddharth and being a guide to DD’s cruel acts. Abeer’s character is bold and brainy who will bring out an interesting angle in this twisted tale of revenge and romance.

So, that was the list of some interesting characters in the Jamai 2.0 sequel. It seems to be an interesting character universe for this romantic thriller.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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